Prevent / warn against adding duplicates to a playlist

Everyone willing to have such feature added need to add their vote in the upper left corner of this topic.
So far there are only 3 votes. Not enough to bring attention of busy Roon developers I’m affraid :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find that Roon are aware of the request, and have been for several years.

Roon feature request directed me here to add my support to the thread,

I too want the possibility to choose if I want to add duplicate tracks to my playlists. with a message prompting me to do so. ( like Apple Music and other library managers do. )

Also, if I was to delete an album from my library ( for whatever reason ) the Roon software should also ask me to remove it from my playlists, or just update the playlists by itself.

I would also like to mark tracks as inactive, ( unchecked in apple Music ) this way I can, when I’m tiered of hearing a track, just render it inactive for a while, everywhere in the library. this way the playlist would skip this inactive track and I remain happy.

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This is a feature I would really appreciate as well !!

I know how I can select to show double files in Roon , but this is unpractical , can Roon not warn for double adding ? Like Spotify does in this way :

’ 'Already added ‘’ - This item is already in your playlist ‘’

Would be very user friendly to have as well in Roon!

Kind regards Sjoerd

Hi @Sjoerd_Veenstra, I’ve moved your post into this existing topic.
Don’t forget to place your vote for this feature suggestion.

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Tidal handles this spectacularly well, if you try to add a group of songs to a playlist it will warn you and then allow you to add everything except the duplicates.
Having to add and then clean up duplicates later is so much more time consuming than just clicking a single button ahead of time. Especially when you are doing stuff like adding your queue (and queue history) to a playlist.


kind of a joke that Roon lacks the basic library-maintance functions like that.
I think Roon need like a library-maintance backend where you have the kind of functions of Musicbee to handle your music. the front-end could stay like that.


I believe that checking duplicate tracks in playlists is a very useful function; furthermore, the switch that allows you to highlight any duplicates does not seem to work well: I tried to add the same track twice, but it did not highlight it to me. Thank you.

I’m in desperate need for this feature as well. I should be utterly simple to add this.

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Why should we have to vote for common sense fixes? Is there one single user in the world who wants the same song in a playlist multiple times???

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Probably not, if there was I think it would be an obscure edge case … though I guess some may want different versions of the “same” track … but arguable then it’s a different track.

It helps to set the priority of this against all the others.

Yes, I compare the different versions between streaming services and rips. I will put the same song on 10 or 15 times from different sources. Set the playlist as shuffled and blind listen to see if I can tell differences.

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That makes sense and is a valid use case imho.
Still, I would argue that these are all different versions and the user should not be prompted about a duplicate - only when it’s exactly the same source and format.

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But that is the thing. For example, I have 44.1/16 Dark Side of the moon from 5 different CDs and 5 different vinyl rips. All the “same” resolution and “source”. I’m comparing the mastering, not the resolution/format.

As the path to the files would differ, they should not count as duplicates.

Hey - we are talking like product managers that define acceptance criteria - lol.
I hope Roon staff picks this one soon - and reads these lines :slight_smile:

Yeah, but, I do understand my use case is probably extremely rare. I am not arguing against the suggestion, just raising my hand when someone asked “Is there one single user in the world who wants the same song…”. :smiley:

I don’t think it’s that rare. This is a software for nerds, isn’t it?

And I believe it wouldn’t matter when thinking a bit deeper about how to implement such a feature. First would be the definition of “what is a duplicate anyway”?
My best guess is that it would end up with matching file paths (local or stream), as this is the core of what the OP (and most of us voting) wants to achieve - prevent adding the exact same song twice. Just looking at title, composer and performer would rule out to many covers, live versions and compilations. Comparing all files bit by bit would be called “overshooting” :slight_smile:

So it would not prevent a user to add the exact same song from different sources, which would be fine with me.

So maybe just add a message such as "This track already exists in this playlist. Do you wish to add it again (tick box maybe for “do not ask again” for the few people out there that wish to add multiple copies of the same track)

Well, you know something is missing here when even the windows Explorer does a better job.
I would love to see a small dialog:
“Song is already in Playlist.” And 3 options:
Add anyways
Show details

Where see details let me compare the duplicate versions, see the source and let me choose how to proceed and which version to keep

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