Preventing specific genres from appearing in Tidal home screen

Hi all,

Old Roon and new tidal user here. I really like the integration and the combination of both roon and tidal is heaven sent.

One thing, is there anyway I can prevent specific genres from appearing in my tidal home screen ( I know this is more a tidal question but I want to ask it here first).

I am not into hip hop and rap etc and I have set my music preferences and library up,but the home screen is still showing me heaps of stuff from these genres. I am not interested in them, the artists or their tour dates etc. I know I can blank certain artists and albums, but I want to blank certain genres.

Any ideas?


Hi @Graham_Green,

This is not possible at present so I’ve moved your post over to the #roon:feature-requests category for consideration.

The recommended for you section is the place to focus on as it does what it says on the label and you can split genres too