Pricing question

Looking at the pricing options, I see that a license provides “1 Roon library device”.

I have two systems in my house using USB DACs (desktop and main audio room). Does “1 Roon library device” mean that I need to buy a license for each PC?

I have a similar type of question. My main library device will be changed soon. As long as I keep only 1 active library device, can I change it during my subscription time?

Nope! You only need to buy a license for one PC. On the other PC you can install Roon and launch it as a remote control, and even stream music to your remote’s USB DAC. You can read more about setting up Roon to run remotely here.

great, thanks.

When the time comes, just let us know and we’ll help you with migrating!

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Will changing library device be simple?

I’m planning on making several changes within a short period of time (initial test/evaluation, initial build of custom platform and eventually a few all in builds)

Our plan here is to offer this by way of cloud sync. I don’t have an exact time frame for this, but when it’s implemented we should be syncing all your play counts, edits, favorites, playlists, and more, automatically. To transfer Roon to a new computer, you would just install and sign in!

For now, our recommendation is to install Roon on your primary machine, and you can use other devices as remotes. If you do require a change in library device, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

@kevin, I am going to migrate now as I have got my NUC i7 that I am dedicating for Roon. It will be both a new core and a new main library. So my previous core+library (MacBook) will only be used as a remote.
Could you please let me know the best way to do this transfer.

Hey @Dmitry – I’m going to send you a private message about how to do this migration.