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Recently signed up for Roon and I am blown away. I use a Synology NAS to house all my music and use Tidal also. I set up my MacMini to run Roon as a server at my house and it is fantasitc. Problem is: I also have a Synology NAS in my office which replicates home library. Why should I pay TWICE for Roon? I want to use Roon on my laptop also.The beauty of digital is it has no location. Why should my Roon membership be tied to a location? For $119 per year, I expect to be able to listen whenever, wherever I want.


I agree, but imagine it might be a challenge to ensure that people don’t abuse? Adobe, I noticed, allows you to use two devices on a single subscription license, which seems like a good compromise.

Yes. They are trying to create a SAAS subscription model, but structuring pricing like an old school Client/Server license model. It’s not going to work. A SAAS subscription, allowing us in up to (I would suggest 3 not 2) locations would be a far more palatable solution.

Hi @mowheeler – thanks for your question, and for your kind words!

Our pricing is based off library management at a given location – within that location, you can have a nearly unlimited number of albums streaming to a nearly unlimited number of devices around the house.

Our forthcoming RoonSpeakers protocol will allow you to turn all kinds of devices into fully controllable remote zones. For now, your second laptop (and third, and forth…) should be able to run as a remote, controlling any zone connected to your Core, as well as streaming to the laptop’s own “private” zone (and any DACs connected to the laptop). So, whether you’re looking to control the music around the house or just stream audio to your laptop, this should all be possible today.

This is our current home offering, and we feel it competes well against any music server offering on the market. That said, you’re right that the offering is currently limited to one server managing your library at a time.

We’re thinking about a variety of “on-the-go” possibilities for the future – our Android tablet app and forthcoming iPad app are both remotes to control Roon at home, but in the future those could potentially function as mobile players as well.

A few users have also requested that OSX and Windows “remotes” function while away from the primary install, such as while at the office or travelling. For the moment this is not supported, not just because our licenses are based on a single server/library, but because there’s a lot of work that would need to happen to enable this kind of feature without inviting abuse.

For now, we’ve tried to make license transfers as easy as possible in app, so if you want to deauthorize your Mac Mini while travelling with the laptop, you should be able to do this today as well.

As Roon evolves, we’ll absolutely be thinking more and more about these kinds of use cases – we know how important this is to some users, and we look forward to fully addressing these requests in the future. It’s been barely 3 months since we launched and for now, our energy is focused on being the best home server product on the market for music lovers and audiophiles.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions, but let me know if I’ve missed something, and thanks again for the question!


I understand and respect your reasoning, but I am guessing you will find this limits your market. Your pricing is more akin to an old school Client/Server model where you require the user to pay based on the number of servers that I am running. I am guessing that most audiophiles listen to music at more than one location, like I do. You want potential funders to view Roon as a SAAS model, i.e., a cloud based music discovery, management and playback system. Not as an old school client server. Your valuation will be much greater with that model. I don’t pay three times to listen to Tidal at my home, office and vacation home. I shouldn’t have to pay 3 times to listen to utilize Roon in those three places.

If Roon offered me this option, it could displace the other devices that I am running in those locations. At $119 per year per location, I will think twice (or more) before I implement in my other listening locations.

Happy to discuss at your convenience.

Fully agree. I’m wishing to utilize Roon while traveling, without leaving the household high and dry and not able to justify another $119 outlay. Certainly pleased with the product thus far, and look forward to any forthcoming flexibility in pricing/licensing that may address this.

This use case is one we intend to address with remote being able to go ‘offline’, so you can hold some music on the remotes from your main library.

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I would agree , we for sure like to have our library anytime and anywhere i go. this can be through cloud, Wi-Fi connection or Cellular as well. that is why we willing to pay the right amount of fee to do that. hope this can be done.

@ismewor me too! :smile: