Primare i15 prisma roon ready

I am using i15 prisma by primare. I have found a new item from audio settin in roon.

I was very happy but it said roon ready is not ready in the popup after I tiried to enable it.

Is there anybody who know this more?

If you are looking for Roon Ready equipment, you need to check the Roon Web site for the latest certification information. Here it is for Primare Roon + Primare | Get Roon for a Better Music Experience. Primare I15 is not certified yet.

Update: I dug into the Primare site a bit, I don’t like how they obfuscate the Roon Ready issue. They show the Roon Ready logo for the I15, but then they write the following on the NP5 MK2 description “NP5 Prisma MK2 Roon Ready now, all other Primare models by future update.” Not nice.


Roon Team and Community, does anybody know or have an update for when Prisma line from Primare (I15, I25, I35) will become Room Ready? I read on other forum that Primare has there software ready, but not sure what is the Roon Ready timing? Many thanks!

Only @Terry_Medalen can answer

If Primare made their Prisma modules Roon ready, I would seriously consider replacing my current setup with something like an I35 Prisma + A35.2. Although the fact none of their streaming solutions can display cover art also bugs me: I’m now used this with my Cambridge Audio Azur 851N.

I’m sure I read in a previous discussion with Danny that they were close and expected to have them out within a couple of months.

I’m not interested in cover art but the devices look great so if Roon ready will definitely add to my to be reviewed list.

Their devices are probably the best looking devices on the market today indeed. And their ‘try at home’ program is a BIG plus. I would actually be ready to spend some serious money online, knowing that in case of disappointment I can always get a refund.

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Yes I watch the threads in hope of an update, but the last one I saw was before Christmas and that sent me back to their site looking again.
Great all in one RR integrated amps, once they are certified.

There are also working great (I’m using a PRE35 Prisma, a DD35 and a SC15).
By the way: I’m waiting now since three! years for Roon Ready and I don’t trust any statements from primare, but it’s no problem to use e.g. a RPi and the USB Dac from the prisma module or the chromecast implementation for Roon.


I agree that they are great looking and sounding products - i35 Prisma integrated in my case.
But, I am reminded of the fact that more than two and a half years later I still haven’t got the product with the functionality I was promised (I emailed Primare specifically asking about RR certification prior to purchasing - I was assured back then that RR certification was imminent) every time I fire up the amp.
A hint of shine had been taken off my enjoyment of the amp which no amount of good looks will make up for.
I live in hope though and in Raspberry Pi + Allo Digione I trust for now - not Primare’s estimated certification dates. :smiley:

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I’m with you 100% there and won’t buy a promised RR device until it is certified.
I think the recommendation to buy a device for what it does now and not what it promises in the future has never held more true.

Under the old rules companies like Primare and Hegel could get away with mostly working RR, but the new rules are much tougher and demand almost perfection which takes much longer, but stops Roon getting blamed for this.

Hopefully this will happen soon


Thank you Michael, I’m looking forward to that, currently own an I15 Prisma and been waiting for that certification.

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Hi, sorry for bumping this, but I’ve set my eyes on an i35 prisma at a good price. Being a Roon user, every time I search for Roon readiness (is this the new equivalent for the madness about watt ouput of amps? :D). I’m curious if there are any news regarding this matter. I’ve been following the Hegel thread about RR and it’s been a let-down for so many people that it’s just giving me second thoughts regarding the amp (as Michael said, it’s better to get a RR device than a “soon-to-be” RR device)

I was looking last week on their site and as yet nothing looks to have changed. Great looking device’s though.

Maybe @Terry_Medalen can offer an update as it sounded like they were hoping to release in the first half of the year when he was discussing with Danny several months ago.

A bit off topic but you get a crazy discount price if you buy it alongside with the A500 from Buchardt (the SC15 adds just €700 to the total).

Edit. Sry mixed up with preamp

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Mads is offering the SC15 streamer/preamp with the A500s as it is Wisa capable. Not the i15 amplifier being discussed here.

You are right. My bad.

By the way, their site says “(…) with the remaining Prisma models being tested, with the expectation that related updates will be launched as soon as possible in the first quarter of 2022.”

The first quarter is over, we are not entering Q2 and still no news so far…

With this update we will be able to submit our final Roon software for Roon Ready certification for all Prisma models, after that we will be able to add Tidal Master file and full 24/192 kHz Qobuz playback. However, due to the uncertainty of current conditions, we are unable to confirm when we will be able to provide those updates.

In other words, they don’t know when it will be ready and it’s probably not going to be any time soon.