Primare i15 prisma roon ready

I am using i15 prisma by primare. I have found a new item from audio settin in roon.

I was very happy but it said roon ready is not ready in the popup after I tiried to enable it.

Is there anybody who know this more?

If you are looking for Roon Ready equipment, you need to check the Roon Web site for the latest certification information. Here it is for Primare Roon + Primare | Get Roon for a Better Music Experience. Primare I15 is not certified yet.

Update: I dug into the Primare site a bit, I don’t like how they obfuscate the Roon Ready issue. They show the Roon Ready logo for the I15, but then they write the following on the NP5 MK2 description β€œNP5 Prisma MK2 Roon Ready now, all other Primare models by future update.” Not nice.

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