Primare i15 prisma roon ready

Hej! Just an update for those of you discussing our, Primare’s, launch of Roon Ready software for the remainder of the Prisma range.
No one is more frustrated by the continued delay in our being able to release Roon Ready software, but now that we have finally been able to release the latest Cast 1.52 update, we can finalise the Roon software for final review and hoped for swift certification.
However, given that nothing seems to be going as planned these days as a result the current circumstances, in part related to the pandemic, I cannot say exactly when we will be able to launch the update but be assured that we are working hard to get it out as soon as possible.
In the meantime, Chromecast as Roon endpoint can be used, with the maximum 24/96 kHz being the only limitation, and after having done months of successful testing of our Roon software build, and in the process doing direct comparisons between the RAAT and Chromecast implementations, I can confidently state that outside of the sampling frequency limitations there are virtually no significant differences in features and sonics between the two platforms (probably as a result of Roon’s very thorough vetting and testing process to ensure that any brand’s device or technology perform performs up to the high standards they have set). This means that all Prisma models in effect have been Roon enabled if not by definition Roon Ready for over two years now, with the exception, of course, of the NP5 Prisma and NP5 Prisma MK2 that have been and are currently Roon Ready.
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Primare i15 prisma roon ready When will it be?

Last information is until end of the year.
But don’t trust that the year will be 2022…

By the way: On primare devices network transfer will limited until PCM 24/192 and DSD128.
So it can make sense to use directly the great USB DAC with a Roon bridge device.


Good to see that there is progress, though Roon Ready is still not there.
But this autumn would be nice…

Good news - earlier this week Primare pushed out new firmware.
Primare I15 Prisma is now Roon Ready!

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Mee too!, software was downloaded in good order. The display can now show full song information while using Roon. Very happy!