Primare I35 Prisma - Not Roon Ready - certification?

Next month it will be 3 years since I upgraded to a Primare I35 Prisma integrated amplifier. It was also the first time I heard the words Roon Ready. Today I am a avid Roon user and it is three years since I heard those words “with future update”.

Why is Primare allowed to claim, via their website, that their products are Roon Ready when they are not?

In the product text it says Roon Ready followed by asterisk, at the end of the paragraph we meet the asterisk again “*with future update”. I think that most people would interpret “with future update” as a waiting time of six months, at the most perhaps one year. I have been waiting three years!

That Primare is Roon Ready or not is irrelevant, but what is, is that they give the impression to the prospective customer that Primare products will be Roon Ready.

So I’ve been thinking what’s needed is a new classification… Not Roon Ready.

Primare would make a good candidate.


This is for you @Terry_Medalen and @danny

Its only Roon Ready when its Roon Ready - coming soon has never counted

There is a lot of dodgy marketing highlighted on the forum as well as a lot of confusion between Roon Ready and Roon Tested

Sadly - Check before you buy


Iain, to repeat my response to your similar comment on the Primare Audio User FB group, to say that we are embarrassed, frustrated, and just plain angry that we have not been able to provide Roon Ready certification after such a long period of time is an understatement. We have learned a lot, as have other manufacturers experiencing what must be similar difficulties, and certainly bear much of the responsibility for the delay, but we are a small company and there were a multitude of circumstances, local and global, preventing certification from happening until now.
I say now, as I honestly believe that we are submitting what we believe to be final software to Roon for certification of I15 Prisma, I25 Prisma, and I35 Prisma, with the expectation of certification by the end of November and launch of updated software to follow in early December. SC15 Prisma and PRE35 Prisma certification will follow shortly thereafter, with CD15 Prisma, CD35 Prisma, SPA25 Prisma, and SP25 Prisma following that.
To add here, an in our admittedly weak defence, while we have been working toward certification we have had AirPlay and Chromecast as Roon endpoint, with the only real limitation being maximum resolution (and some missing mult-room/multi-zone flexibility). With Chromecast that limit is 24/96 kHz, and while with Roon certification this will be raised to 24/192 kHz, there should be no significant improvement in audio performance, in part due to the thorough certification process that Roon demands for all products certified.
With the hope this answers some of your concerns.