Primare will become Roon Ready

Few weeks ago I heard the al new Primare I15 Prisma Amplifier. It’s an all in one solution, amp, dac, streamer. There is also the all new I35 with same capabilities but much more expensive. To fill the gab between the I15 and I35, Primare will launch in the second half of 2018, the I25, price tag somewhere around 3000 Euro’s. The best part is, they confirmed it will be Roon Ready. By then they will problaby also make the cheaper I15 and the more expensive I35 Roon Ready. Great news for fans of Primare …

It looks Nice, I used to have an Primare integrated before I went active. I wouldn’t say they are Norwegian though, I think they are built in a very cozy in part of Malmö in Sweden.

I have the Pre32 preamplifier, which is amazing. Not only does Primare gear sound great, but it’s also some of the best looking stuff out there.

I emailed Primare a few weeks ago to ask about future Roon support. They replied that it will not be possible to add it to the existing Pre32, but they definitely have plans to support Roon in future gear. I’m currently feeding the Pre32 with a Pi + Allo DigiOne, but I would definitely be interested in a Primare with Roon support built in!

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