Primary Artist and Performer instead of played instruments and missing musicians in credits

Description of the issue

There are more and more new releases which shows only Primary Artist or Performer instead of which instruments they are playing. As well there are musicians not listed at all. Will this information be added for new releases at a later time?

Hi @Joe_underscore,

Thank you for getting in touch about this. We’d be happy to help explain a bit.

Metadata for new releases originates with the record company. More and more often, not much effort is put into this by the parent label prior to album release.

In Roon we pass along the metadata from our partner providers. If the information wasn’t provided to them, they in turn are unable to pass these details on to us. This tends to occur more frequently with newer bands or artists than for catalog titles and reissues.

In some cases the information is added at a later time if it is updated by the record company and is then refreshed by the metadata provider. There’s, unfortunately, no way to say with certainty if a given album or release will be updated with better information.

You can, however, add credits to albums in Roon if you have the information and passion for undertaking the effort.

Here’s how you do it:

Go to the album or track you’d like to update.

Click the ellipsis button.
Click edit
Click edit album or track
Click edit credits
Click + Add credit
Add the details you desire
Click Save

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