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Hi Everyone,

I’m having an issue with a few Nirvana albums I imported. The issue arises with a few albums I’ve chosen to leave as “unidentified” only (the rest of my “identified” Nirvana albums aren’t affected). On the affected albums, the Primary Artist points to a 60’s UK group also named Nirvana. I can edit the Primary Artist link to reflect the 90’s band. When I do this, because there’s a discrepancy between the Primary Artist album link and the Primary Artist of the tracks, I then see “All tracks also performed by Nirvana” above the track listing. My problem is that the Nirvana referenced here is the incorrect one. Editing track or album credits does not resolve this as there is no Primary Artist listed in the tracks redits once I make the Primary Artist link change and there are no album credits, period (I’m assuming because I haven’t identified the album). I’m at a loss and this is the first I’ve encountered this issue. I’ve Las removed these albums entirely and re-imported them to no avail; the issue persists. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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If you go into the track editor and click on remove, there is no credit for Primary Artist at all? Have you tried adding 90s Nirvana as the primary artist?

That’s right, there’s no Primary Artist credit, but only after I changed the album Primary Artist link. If I add 90’s Nirvana in the credits, I can remove that one, but the “Tracks Performed By…” will still persist, incorrect Nirvana and all.
I don’t know where Roon is pulling this metadata from and the albums affected are from all different sources, not just iTunes for example.

Is the other Nirvana listed as any other track credit besides Primary artist?

There is A Nirvana listed in Engineer and Producer roles, not sure which of the Nirvanas it is.

Weird, I wouldn’t think either of those would show up as Tracks Performed By. Maybe try manually removing all track credits from both the album and track edit managers, then readding manually.

Out of curiosity, what file type are these albums? I’ve experienced some odd behavior with unidentified albums in mp3 format.

It’s five albums in total. One purchased from iTunes (.m4a), one “matched” from iTunes (.m4a), two purchased from Amazon (.mp3) and one FLAC rip.

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