Primary Artists Not in Prefered Order

When I add a second solo artist to the Primary Artists list the prefered order gets thrown off. It seems to be OK if only one solo artist is added.

The Prefered Order:
Orchestra > Conductor > Soloist > Soloist

Thanks. Rich

Hi @Richard_Parks,

How are you adding new artists? File tags? Editing the album in Roon?

Initially the file tags are used. I use Roon to further edit the “Primary Artists”. That works well, but when a second soloist is added the first soloist gets put between the Orchestra and the Conductor.

I was hopping the order would be Orchestra > Conductor > Soloist > Soloist. If the Primary Artists additions were kept in the order in which they are added this desired order would work.

In the above screenshot the conductor is Thomas Ades.

Thanks. Rich

Hi @Richard_Parks,

I confirmed with the team today — Currently there is not a way to set the order of the Primary Artists for an album. Our recommendation is to create a Topic in the #roon:feature-requests section of the site. Our product and development team keeps a close eye on that category, so it’s a great place to get feedback from other members of the community about this.


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