Primary Library Change

I have two almost identical libraries one on an attached SSD and one on a NAS in every case the primary version is listed on the NAS drive. I want the primary to be on the SSD drive. Without having to change every file how can I globaly change the primary file to the SSD drive?

There isn’t a setting in Roon to prefer one storage device over another. However, if you add both storage devices, Roon should detect all the duplicates and by default will only show you one copy of each album. More details on that feature are here.

That said, in this configuration Roon is going to be managing twice as many files. Is there any reason you want to add two copies of the same library? If you have a copy of your files on an SSD connected directly to your Core, I would start by just adding that, since your performance will better without the network or NAS involved.

Hope that helps @Richard_Thorpe!

I have a similar setup, but on an HDD, and SSD. Install both under settings>storage, and then disable which folders you don’t want Roon to actively watch. Both will still be attached, and you could enable either one, or both. Both would produce duplicates.

The disabled folders would not be read and/or cataloged unless you needed to activate them (e.g., if the other drive failed)

You can also attach different drives with different music folders. For example, I have my main catalog on an SSD and separate larger HDD. I have my main collection and an extra 500 “country” music files on the larger HDD. I activate the SSD, and deactivate the folders on the HDD, sans the country music files, running two drives with music. If the SSD failed, I can enable the other folders on the HDD to immediately re-install my full collection.