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Thank you Danny… I’m certain that it was and probably is a most desired feature. I seem to remember endless articles and comments requesting MQA.
Appreciate Roon response to what, at one time, was the number one demanded feature.

I don’t care for MQA either, but can be turned off and makes no real difference to me. I have a six figure audio system and don’t have a MQA decoding DAC.
Some comments have an unnecessarily severe tone. This is not a political forum so no need.

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Search for the music you want. The format is clearly displayed on the album cover. Select the format you want all done.

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why all the extra clicks? why not just allow Roon to do what it does everywhere else? why is MQA privileged?

Does your mouse have a wheel? If not get one. That will save you the agony of all those clicks.


I would not be problematic - if it was then ALL of Roon would be “problematic” because doing these sorts of things for the end user is Roons raison d’être. There is no significant development to be done. Again, Roon already does these things everywhere else. Now that streaming involves mp3, AAC, MQA (the big three lossy codecs),16/44, 24/44, 24/48, 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/176, 24/192, and DSD (edit: Qobuz streams DSD maybe? I am in America and its not live for me yet), Roon needs to allow us to curate our experience - again, this is what Roon does. Roon is not a front end to Pandora and Spotify, its part of the experience of the “audiophile” and “hi res” services of Tidal and Qobuz. The tagging from these companies is already there. The ‘development’ on Roon side to take advantage of the tagging is already there.

Now that I signed up for QoBuz hi res (i.e. “Studio”), I look up something like Blue Rodeo. I see that despite Qobuz having the actual 24/96 “Live at Massey Hall” Album, Roon still shows me the Tidal MQA version!

Why, exactly, is Roon privelaging MQA?

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Which album would you have come up first? And does it really matter? It looks like you were able to fight your way through the MQA barrier and find a couple of Qobuz versions.

Well, based on what Roon employees have said in the past, the highest ‘hi res’ version should come up first. That would mean that Qobuz real hi res of 24/96 should come up first.

Why would a Roon user expect (let alone actually encounter) an ‘MQA barrier’ at all? I mean, all of us (or most of us) have a lot of experience with the ‘JRiver barrier’, and the like, but Roon?

You bring up excellent points KenS! Is Roon looking backward?!?

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Nope, I think Roon is very much forward looking.

I - like others here and elsewhere- just don’t understand the problem people have with MQA. Not to brag, but I am driving four systems, ranging in value from a few thousand to the several ten thousands, and the benefit of MQA is obvious to me, a trained ear, and even to my wife, who hates my hobby (too much noise! :slight_smile: ). It just sounds great. Thanks Tidal, and thanks Roon.


Others do understand, thus the request for a way to focus away from MQA.

Understood. I suppose that “focus away” could be better replaced by “focus on both options”, and that would make everyone happy. I suppose that’s your intention, right?

Though, as raised elsewhere, you already have the option to stream in CD quality by choosing a different subscription model. Not to mention Qobuz, which I also love, and which caters to individuals like you by offering uncompressed files.

The MQA in question on Qobuz was supplied in 16/44.1 format, so CD quality won’t avoid it.

Right. When I search/use a streaming service, we should be able to choose the format (like we can with properties, such as an artist or album name, or a composer). Tidal and Qobuz are not Spotify, where it’s all lossy all the time.

It is fine if you choose to support MQA for whatever reason, I can still pay my subscription.
But if Roon software ever tries to lock me in MQA then it means that you are working for J. Robert Stuart and good bye.

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@wormcycle, that’s quite a theoretical strawman. You will not see us removing formats we currently support, and I’m not sure where that idea even came from.

As for @crenca’s complaint, he wants customizable prioritization of formats during radio playback. Given that Roon Radio mostly uses the streaming services now, unsure what benefit there is here.

Not quite correct. I would like to see a way for an end user to prioritize/select format when it comes to streaming. Right now with streaming, Roon privelages MQA, even over the “equivalent” (not that it really is equivalent) hi res, forcing the end user to drill down to their preferred format.

Now that streaming offers so many formats (mp3 of various bit rates, AAC of various bit rates, MQA of various marketing “bit rates”, PCM of various bit rates) why not give us a way to focus on the format we wish just like we can with our local libraries?


I think we have a bug related to this when you have TIDAL AND Qobuz enabled at the same time, but in what circumstances are you seeing this behavior?

That’s my use (Qobuz and Tidal same time):

So in this case, Tidal has a MQA offering at “24/96” and Qobuz has the actual 24/96 PCM

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