Primary versions: move from Tidal to Qobuz


I have a Tidal account with subscription and a Qobuz account without subscription. Both have been added to Roon since a couple of years.

I’ve always used to add albums to my libarary, both on Tidal and Qobuz. Since I have only a Tidal subscription, I always marked the Tidal version as my primary version.

This allowed me to compare both Tidal and Qobuz versions in terms of bit depth and samplerate. Another advantage: I could easily see what albums are available on Qobuz only (for example Neil Young). Or the opposite.

Because of the fuzz about Tidal/MQA (Tidal forks MQA | Darko.Audio), albums on Qobuz available in high-res and cd quality only on Tidal, I’ve decided to switch from Tidal to Qobuz subscription.

Now, is there a way to mark all the Qobuz versions (in one move, so not album by album by hand) in my library as primary instead of the Tidal versions?

Programmaticly, something like this

for each album in my library {
    if album.primary_version = tidal {
        set album.primary_version = qobuz

As far, the only way I can see to mark the Qobuz versions as primary, is to disable the Tidal service in Roon. However, when switching it back on, primary versions return in favour of Tidal.

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I think Roon is missing a big need here, now more than ever. Music service transition involves as you said Primary Versions, but also Roon based Playlists, Tags, and Play counts of songs.

Roon has been silent as to whether they are working on any functions to support service switchers.


Yes this is important to many users.

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