Primephonic coming to Roon

According to their CEO:

“When I spoke with Primephonic CEO Thomas Steffens in August, he told me that Sonos and Chromecast support were imminent – and Primephonic added these features during the fall of 2019. Answering e-mailed questions for this article, Steffens said Primephonic will add support for Bluesound and Roon during 2020. Coming in January are desktop player apps for Windows and macOS, he added. Currently, for desktop listening, Primephonic plays from a Web browser.”


Great News !

Just went to the website as we speak, there is a link to download the Desktop App, but it’s not working.
A quick chat session with the support guys and they told me there is a bug and their Dev team is fixing it, ETA beginning/Mid February.

I asked for Roon also, they said no precise date, but they offered to notify me once the integration is completed, i would asusme that this is happening then !

Hopefully, there be no MQA or, at least, a choice. :grin:

Hmm, from the same review as above -
In my feature on classical music streaming, I noted that, in its Web player or its iOS or Android apps, Primephonic doesn’t seem to identify the music as being offered in hi-rez. The reason for this may be Primephonic’s use of the OraStream adaptive streaming technology, which stores files in their native resolution but uses a software decoder on the playback device, which buffers and adjusts the data to suit the bandwidth of the listener’s connection.

TBH i’m okay with either MQA or not, just the fact to integrate it to roon will be a big Win, the more services the less software/apps we use.
I wouldn’t mind having Spotify integrated too…
Roon everything please :slight_smile:

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Wow, news to us. While we have spoken with them, communication has been sparse and not productive towards this goal. They should respond to us before making public announcements. Lame. We’ll reach out again.


glad I could help restart the conversation!

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Thanks for pursuing this - would be an amazing add for us classical fans. Please let us know if we can help from the subscriber side.

Hey @danny have you heard anything new from their side ?

Thanks in Advance.

I tried Primephonic for a month but was disappointed with the sound quality. This was just as they released their service so maybe they have stepped up their game since then. For the music I own or stream through Tidal (non-MQA) Primephonic was constantly sounding a bit degraded. As if something was missing. And it shouldn’t be any bandwidth issues.

Maybe with Roon this gap will be bridged and/or the quality of the stream being more transparent.

The orastream technology is not very good. Naxos used this when they had their streaming option and it was very hit or miss. I hope they abandon this for something more reliable.

any updates? My wife was asking she uses primephonic

The only update from Roon you’ll here is when its released. They are very tight lipped on things like this.

Common we want Primephonic!

Man, these rappers are really taking over streaming services. Jay-Z has Tidal and now Common has Primephonic?

I tease. :smile: :wink: I’d love Primephonic integration soon, especially if it somehow came with their improved metadata for classical.

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Any fresh news from Primephonic or Roon ?

Latest from Primesonic. FORGET THIS YEAR .

Primephonic (Primephonic)

Aug 3, 2020, 11:46 AM GMT+2

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email!

We are very interested in acquiring an integration with Roon in the near future. This will most likely be something that is implemented in the first half of next year!

As you probably know, Primephonic launched less than two years ago and we still don’t have the resources to focus on multiple features at the same time. Our team is made of about 50 people only and we, unfortunately, need to prioritise and decide what to work on first. Prioritising is very important for our future development and your support is crucial!

I definitely took note of your request and I hope we’ll be able to work on it soon. If you would like to receive a notification once we are integrated with Roon please let me know!

Please let me know if you have any further feedback or questions about Primephonic. I am always happy to share with our users what makes Primephonic special.

Have a wonderful day,




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So, in other words, another empty promise.

Any more news

Have you done a comparison between the library in Tidal and Primephonic. I did it a while back admittedly. In random lookups while reading Gramophone it was very rare to find a recording in Primephonic that I couldn’t find in Tidal

Hardly scientific I admit but not enough to prompt me to subscribe. I would have to connect with my iPad and AirPlay it to my streamer to get music into my system. Hardly ideal, hence the request to integrate. Incidentally I did the same comparison with IDAGIO with much the same result.

Their service is well priced at least in SA, but the spread of tidal still wins , as long as they keep going

The one bit I do like in Primephonic is they are adding in PDF booklet links , even downloadable.

there may not be any direct benefit vs Tidal/Qobuz with in Roon itself, but for mobile use the playlists and more focused search and UX would be very useful.