Primer on power?

Can someoone point me to a primer on power and how it impacts audiophile sound? A couple of representative questions, but want to learn the basics and get some improvement with limited investment (say $100-250)

  • I have an Allo USBoard, should I use a different plug than the one that came with it?

  • I have a vanilla powerstrip my components plug into, what should I look for here?

  • does an Amp need something different? (I read this on a review for a Niagra 1000)

  • Grounding - is this something I need an extra device to do?


I have recently made some upgrades regarding power. My Audiophonics DAC is now fed by a linear power supply. I also ordered an Oehlbach Powersocket 907 with phase detection and wired everything (i.e. DAC+Amp) with decent (but not too expensive) cords.

A clearly listenable enhancement in sound quality for approx. 400€ in total, but I believe the Oehlbach thing made the biggest difference. After switching on my gear, before playing anything, there is now dead silence. Before I always had some perceivable background noise.


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What’s a good linear power supply for an Allo USbridge and an older Amp? Maybe in $100-125 range?

My Audiophonics DAC requires 6V input, so I am using the power supply from the same manufacturer. Details here:
I am not sure whether the moment whether the Allo can be operated with 6V, or whether the power supply is available for other voltages, so please make sure to read the specs.