Prince weirdness -- just split into 2 separate artists?

So about a week ago Prince’s picture disappeared. Odd, but whatever. Then last night (no action or intervention on my part, and no tag-editing or folder-tinkering), Prince’s picture reappeared, but there are now two artists named Prince, both w/the same bio, one w/pic & one without. Both entries are “official” looking – i.e. populated w/Roon data. Also, all my Prince albums are (seemingly randomly) divvied up between the two entries, which is obviously unfortunate.


Which albums are where and can you post the screen shots of the two. For me, Prince is still just all one artist.

Never mind. As it turned out, Prince-A had 47 albums, and Prince-B had 29 albums. Prince-A had the artist pic; Prince-B had none. However, when you clicked on either Prince variation, you saw the exact same 29 albums.

Went into Albums sorted by Artist, navigated to the contiguous block of my 76 Prince albums, highlighted them, edit -> re-identify, and they all clicked back into place as 76 albums under one artist.

Still no Prince pic though.

Beats me…

Add your own pic! :smiley:

I have the small picture present for Pince as well as Prince & the Revolution when looking at the default artist view. When I select Prince, the background image is also shown. However, when I select P&tR, I don’t get a background picture.

Not sure why my view would be any different from yours