Priorities for Roon

These are my wishes for the product i now use and enjoy:

  1. Keep focus on very high quality 2 channel audio
  2. Dont bite off more than you can chew in each release. I’m beginning to feel like i’ve just gone back to Windows. (2 updates a day, keeps the bugs away)
  3. Consistency in the UI, like adressed in other posts/threads, should be looked over. There are some pequliarities.
  4. K.I.S.S… You know what it means. I dont want another version of JRiver Media Center.

While many here are of course the tech people in the house, Roon has to remain family unit friendly or the significant others and younger ones in the household will boycott it.

My wife is actually quite good techie type but still she says away from roon in favour of tidal and airplay…which is why all my RPi endpoints run Volumio and Roon on top. That said I could probably get DietPi to load up some other airplay friendly plugin if I wanted to get at it.