Prioritize search results from items in my library over other results

I would like the search engine to prioritize search results for items in my library over other results. For example, I have an album by a band named “Ivory” in my library. When I search for it in Roon, I get these suggestions:

As you can see, none of the results are for the artist I am looking for. They aren’t even exact matches for my search term. This is a very poor search result.

For comparison, I like the way Plex handles this much better (and it’s magnitudes faster running on the same server, BTW):

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 2.39.15 PM

The top result is the artist I’m looking for (an exact match for my search term). The remaining results are also from my library and much more relevant.


I have reported a similar problem few hours ago that got fixed by itself:

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Interesting that it resolved for you. It still hasn’t on mine but I will retry later. I tried to compare search results on my iPad but it doesn’t render any search suggestions at all. :expressionless: