Priority of Source of Music

Up to now, whenever I click on an Album, Roon has often choose the Tidal version when it is available in Tidal Qobuz and sometimes local.

Can a source preference be selectable so that when ever I choose an album it will choose the source I preferred, that is Qobuz /Local before Tidal?

It added a lot of clicks in my life now. Whenever I find a new album I have to pick it, go to about this album, find out that Roon has picked Tidal yet again, then go to Version to find the Qobuz or Local version.

It would be a helpful tool to help me use Roon seamlessly enjoy music instead of having to check these kind of trivial things.

Thank you.

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Yes, I’m really curious about this feature as well. It would make life a lot easier to have an option to choose the preferred source and then fall back on other options if the title isn’t found on the preferred source. Would love to see this feature.