Priority regarding file tags


I am observing something I’d like to have confirmed

When an album is not identified, what’s the priority for determining a “work”.


This is how the tags look like

This transfers to Roon like that:

Why does Roon not consider the WORK tag in this case? It seems to look at the NAME tag first.
When I copy the content of the WORK tag to NAME and re-scan the album in Roon I get the following:

Why does that not work from the beginning?


I found another interesting example. Identified album:

Track 1 is properly identified as the Carnival Overture but when saving is not updated.

TITLE tag was set to “Track 1”. When updating the TITLE track from my “WORK” tag and re-scanning the album I get this:

But now I have for Track 1 my metadata, whereas I have Roons data for the rest… In both cases the WORK seems to be ignored.


I think I found one of the reasons :wink:

I have set Roon to prefer tag for track title - but I still do not understand why the WORK tag is ignored…

another case with WORK and PART tags filled:

translates to Roon:

re-scanned several times - no update based on WORK and PART tags… :frowning:

If the album is identified by Roon, the ID3 WORK and PART tags are ignored. Support has hinted that editing and exposing WORK and PART tags may be available in a future update:

well @Jeff_Bellune , the first and third example are non-identified albums so the WORK and PART tag should be recognized…

and in the second example the identified metadata is not correctly shown, so there is something wrong.

I have been able to reproduce this on un-identified albums that have WORK and PART tags properly maintained.
Roon seems to be ignoring WORK and PART tags unless the TITLE tag is filled with WORK - PART, which leads me to the question whether WORK and PART tags are really considered and instead the TITLE tag is parsed?

@support any ideas?


Hi @Klaus_Kammerer1

I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on here. We always envisioned WORK and PART tags to be used together, so if there is a WORK tag, but no corresponding PART tag in the same track, I’m pretty sure that the WORK tag will be ignored.

In this case, Roon will revert to the track TRACKTITLE tag and we will attempt to recognize multi-part works from common strings in the titles.

But if WORK and PART are both present and the WORK is identical, these should take priority over TRACKTITLE (for unidentified albums, which is what we are talking about here).

I really need to see your tags to understand what is going on here.


I had fooled around in the meantime, because I have also observed a delay in picking up tag and files changes for my files which were residing on a Synology NAS.

For this I moved my files to a local disc and after that my WORK and TAG problem vanished for the cases reported. I’m not sure about the reason, because I did a “force re-scan” several time on my NAS before and expected this to pick up any changes… Will look for similar occurences.

What I have noticed however, is the system behaviour for one track “works”. If the PART tag is left blank (which would normally be the logical thing to do), the work won’t show up in Roon unless copied to the TITLE tag.

I guess I could live with that.

Thanks for the update. Yes, single part works always use the track title.


found another similar case - identified album, WORK tags maintained:

although the works are “recognized” and correctly linked to Rome & Julia and Francesca da Rimini respectively, the track names are still displayed. Is this intended behaviour?
If I copy the WORK tag over to the TITLE tack, it will display, but only the content of the TITLE track,

Situation after copying WORK to TITLE:

link for the composition with different name

I do think this is not correct: if properly linked to a composition it should show the name of that composition, don’t you agree?