Private zone device is present in Audio device list

Current Setup:
Old Fujitsu Esprimo Desktop (Intel i3, 8Gb RAM) - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Roon Server - Version 1.8 (build 1105) stable (Windows 64-bit)
Roon - Version 1.8 (build 1105) stable (Windows 64-bit) - as Roon Remote
Roon Remote - Version 1.8 (build 1105) stable (Android 12 - Samsung A32)
Roon endpoint - KEF LS50 Wireless
Network Router - MikroTik hAP ac Lite

Description of Issue:
Is it ok if I can see and control my private zone Samsung A32 via my other Roon Remote? :thinking:
Of course this is only when Roon on my Samsung is running

Some additional screenshots

Settings|Audio is to manage and configure your (potential) playback devices (if enabled, becomes a zone). It is normal that all available devices are shown here to manage and configure.
A private (playback) zone just means that this zone is only selectable and controllable (playback wise) from the zone picker (bottom right) on the remote that is directly connected or contains this playback device (zone) also.

But for some reason it doesn’t affect my iPad.
And I’m afraid if someone in my household who can access our iPad can disable my private zone Samsung :slight_smile:

Again: Settings|Audio is to manage audio devices (potential or active zones). Everyone with access to a Roon controller connected to your installation can access each and everything in Roon – this includes removing/adding content from/to the library, enabling/disabling zones or change a zones private status.

Please do not share your Roon installation with people you can’t trust to behave responsibly! There is no security built into Roon!

Feel free to add your vote to any of the already existing feature suggestion as you see fit:

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Worse than that they can delete all your music library too. No ‘admin’ mode in Roon. A major omission by now.

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They have to try bloody hard to do that and really wanting to, which questions why you a) have them as a friend b) let them on your network. I have all my friends and family use Roon no one has ever deleted a thing removed a zone added Music. They search they play that’s about it. Trust is a good thing to have.

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Agreed, but in the context of ‘party mode’ where alcohol and lots of people are involved in choosing the music… :grinning:

But all this can be done by accident :slight_smile:
That’s why all my digital music is on NAS and I restrict Roon to access it in read only mode.
I would prefer to control my private zone from this private zone exclusively.

Then use the music player app on your phone (with music stored on your phone). in Roon, the Roon Core is the master instance that controls all – including what devices are available as playback zone (or not) and if a playback zone is private (or not). The Roon control GUI is mostly a remote for things that happen on the Core (the same Core for all connected devices). With current Roon, there is no way to get what you ask for.

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