Private Zone Enabled - But, No Audio

I am running ROON Remote on Mac #2. The ROON Core is on Mac #1. All seems to work well using Remote to control the Core and get audio from Server. But if I try to get audio out from the Remote (Mac#2), while using the Remote, there is no audio. I can see, and enable the Private Zone audio source, as in screen grab here:

I’ve tried all possible combinations, individually and together, of “Internal Speakers”/Audioengine2+/“System Output”. Tracks will play, but there is no audio from remote (though audio continues from Server). If I manually disable audio from the Core/Server, I then get a “No Audio Devices Found” message in the player (seen in screen grab below), despite Private Zone sources still seen in Audio Set Up, as above.
I realize I can not currently select the Remote/Private audio from the Core/Server end. But my understanding is that if I’m using the Remote, I should be able to Enable “Private” zone, which would then auto-disable the Server/Core audio. Am I misunderstanding something?

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/5995769b1501fa9e2be48fe24db6872108f1c3ea.png" width=“690” height=“385”

You can’t control a private zone via a remote. This will be enabled via the 1.2 update coming in a few weeks.

But just to be clear - my Remote and the Private zone ARE on the same device (iMac #2).
How then DOES one control the “Private Zone” currently? The fact that I can “see” the Private Zone in audio set up is confusing to me if I can’t actually control it from the same device. Is it just scaffolding for the upcoming new version? If so, great I’ll wait!
ROON by the way is absolutely rocking my world. It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for for a LONG time! As you can guess, I’m eager to begin exploiting all of it’s capabilities. Thanks for your help.

Sorry misunderstood you.

Enable one of the two private zones you show in your first image and then select that zone at the bottom in your second image. You won’t see it as selectable until you enable it first.

It doesn’t matter if you have zone enabled on your server or not. The key is to choose the private zone on your imac for playback, it is probably defaulting to your server zone.

OK, so by “select zone at the bottom…”, I’m assuming you mean the “System Output” icon? That’s the only option I see, which then gets me to this (see below) - which is only the Server audio

Is there some way to select the zone that I am not seeing at the bottom of the player?

Can you show us a screen shot of your enabled private zone? From your first screen shot you only have one zone on your server enabled.

Hi Fred,

Have you enabled the Private Zones on the Remote ? Once you do that they should show up as alternatives in the Zones screen when you click the Zone icon (currently system output) on the Remote.

Hi Fred,

There seems to be something strange in your first screen shot. In the Private area, there are gears next to System Output. There should be a dialog box next to it showing something like This Mac and you can edit it.

Try going into Audio Setup and click on the gears in the Private area (not the Connected area) and click Disable. Then try and Enable it again or try Audio Engine (I’m assuming you have Audio Engle speakers connected to your remote Mac). You should get a dialog box and then it should be available to select as an output.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, as mentioned in original post, I’ve tried all possible combinations (individually and together) of “Internal Speakers”/Audioengine2+/“System Output”

Here is my most recent attempt (with also the window that pops up when I click on the “Gears” next to AudioEngine)

When track is playing and I click System Output, I do not see my enabled Private audio source

What is “Freds-Mini-4”? The name of your iMac?

“Freds Mini 4” is what I’m referring to as “Mac #1” - my Core/Server
(And again to be clear, I am working from my iMac (Mac #2) - the Remote)

Do you have other audio software on your iMac that has exclusive access to your audio device? Maybe do a reboot and make sure you have no other audio software running.

Hmmm…good question. Could it be iTunes conflicting?
Thanks I’ll investigate that route.

Sorry, my previous post above iwas wrong, so I deleted it.

I still think there’s something strange in the Private area in Audio Setup. There should be dialog boxes where you can name the Output. These aren’t showing for some reason.

Maybe try disabling the Private Outputs, restart Roon and then Enabling them again.

Cheers, Greg

I’m certain nothing has overtaken the AudioEngines - they ARE the default audio for my iMac with no past problems.
I tried disabling Private Outputs, then restarted Roon, and re-enabled.
I’ve also restarted the iMac.
Still not working, and I only see the “Gears” next to my private audio options - no dialog boxes as Greg mentions.
I’m assuming at this point there is a bug, and hoping it will be fixed in next version.
Not a deal breaker here, just very excited to be using this amazing software, and trying to utilize it as fully as possible.
Any other suggestions appreciated.
Many thanks!

Hey @Fred_Harrington – it definitely looks like something is wrong on your remote machine, either with Roon, your outputs, or your network.

Are you able to play audio on this machine using other apps? Can you give me a little more information about the networking here? Any firewalls or non-standard networking on the remote machine?

For what it’s worth, the private zone architecture is completely rebuilt for our next release, so if this is a bug with private zones this is likely to already be resolved. Of course, if it’s an issue with your audio outputs or networking that would be different, but let me know the answers to the questions above and we’ll figure this out.


Did you restart your Core computer and Roon? I see that you did on the Remote.

Just covering all the bases.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Mike,
Nothing non-standard at all. I have the AudioEngine speakers connected to my iMac. They are the default audio out, and I never have any problems with them. iTunes, Spotify, Safari, etc all work always without issues. So my iMac audio out set up does not seem to be the cause of my problem.
I don’t think it’s a network thing either because the Roon remote player (on my iMac) is doing everything else perfectly as it should. It is successfully remote controlling the Music Library on my Mac Mini where the Roon Core is set up.

Make your iMac speaker the default audio out instead and see if you can play through it.

Trying playing through your iMac speaker is what I meant. Have you tried that?