Private zone for roon server/core machine

New to Roon – set up server on iMac and have it adding music. Is there a way to hide the audio outputs on the server (iMac) from other Roon clients? As far as I can see there is not.

I want to share the music I have through Roon but don’t want any of my family to control the server outputs as I have my DAC hanging off the iMac in my office.

I guess the alternative is a headless install, but when is the Linux server available so I can do so?

Hi Graeme,

No. You can’t currently hide audio outputs connected to the Core from other clients. When RoonSpeakers is released, you will be able to tick a box to make RoonSpeakers zones Private to the device they are running on but I don’t know if something similar is planned for devices connected to the Core.

The plan is to be able to mark any zone as private (Except the one’s connected to a headless RoonServer, for obvious reasons).

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