Pro-Ject Debut Evolution magnetic distortion

My dealer says the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evolution is inappropriate for use with a Denon MKII 301 moving coil cartridge because the platter metal will interact with the magnets in the cartridge and ruin the cartridge. Any comments? Thanks in advance.

Is the platter made of cast iron or steel? Somehow, I imagine the platter is a non-ferrous alloy, so no it can’t be an issue.

Thanks Martin - Pro-Ject website said steel - turntable was destroyed in house fire, so I can’t check the 'table itself. Gene

I have a very hard time imagining that the tiny magnetic field of an MC cartridge extends in a significant way to the platter so that the platter induces a current. But who knows. Search for “steel platter mc cartridge” on Google and you will find lots of discussions with obviously every possible opinion

Thanks, Suedkiez – I’ll check Google. Gene

I’ve heard of this phenomenon before. It is a real thing and was a concern with Thorens TD124 MkI. The sub platter of MkII was alloy but 4lb’s lighter and some thought that compromised the model.