Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital supported?

Hi @spockfish,
Is the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital supported by RoPieee?
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Hi Wim,

Connecting it to USB should work. It won’t do native DSD tough, but DoP should be fine.

Yes I use it before my UsbBridge. dp

Hey Harry, on the CA Forum thread for this DAC, there are user reports of Native DSD512 being patched and working with Linux endpoint.

I’ve been keeping an eye because I’m thinking of replacing dad’s iFi iDAC2 with this S2 DAC

Cheers, Sean

I believe the same gentleman is here also @gahabana

Djeeeez… thanks for reminding @dabassgoesboomboom.

Yes, this is already patched in, also in my kernel.

So @seagull, you’re good to go!

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Ha all good Harry. While I’ve mostly caused problems and lots of painful work for you, I do try and help as much as I can! :joy:

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Thanks @spockfish, I’m thinking of buying a pair of Audeze LCD-XC headphones with this Pro-Ject Box. :slight_smile:
I ordered the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital but the Audeze LCD-XC seems hard to find.

hi @spockfish & others - has any of you had issues in Native DSD mode (not DOP) with weird hiss from start of the song for about 10 seconds when switching from PCM 44.1 to Native DSD64 ?
Firmware upgrade 2.21 has fixed all the issues (no more pops/clicks when sample rate changes, etc) in DoP mode and all PCM modes. All is also good when switching from anything but PCM 44.1 (e.g. 88 or 96 or 192) to DSD64 in Native DSD mode but not from CD PCM …
I am pretty sure it happens on Raspberry PIs as well which i do not have but have tried on 3 other SBCs (NanoPi Neo, Odroid C2 and Odroid XU4) …

Thanks !

I can confirm it works perfectly with RoPieee, with native DSD, on firmware 2.12. (Thanks, Harry!)

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hi @Joe_Gratz, can you please doublecheck if you are using Roon with no oversampling … and then play regular Tidal or CD 44.1 PCM followed with DSD64 material (in Native DSD mode, nod DoP) I’ve been pulling my hair’s out and on 3 different roon-endpoints (different HW) i get same result.
Thanks in advance !

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You’re absolutely right. When I play a DSD64 native track right after a 44.1 PCM track there’s static starting about 1s into the DSD track, ending a few seconds later. It also happens on the transition from 176.4k to DSD64. This doesn’t happen on the transition from a 48k PCM track to a DSD64 track, so it’s got to have something to do with switching clock sources (from multiples of 44.1 to multiples of 48). Weirdly, it also doesn’t happen on the transition from 44.1 to native DSD128. Nor DSD128 to DSD64. Even weirder, doesn’t happen on transition fro 88.2 to DSD64. Just 44.1 and 176.4 to DSD64.

hi @Joe_Gratz,
ok - now i’m sure it’s something in firmware that got correct with firmware upgrade for DoP modes but not for Native DSD … though there are no issues if one is using windows (which i don’t - i just tested) … it does mean that FW could use one more upgrade.
I haven’t spotted issue with 176.4 switching to DSD64 Native but am sure is there … 88.2 no issue (that i did test) and 96/192 or DSD128/256/512 switching to DSD64 are not a problem.

The way i have solved it - DSD64 native in Roon gets upsampled to DSD128 and when using squeezelite/Squeezebox, squeezelite converts DSD64 to PCM… but it is kinda irritating cause it’s close to be perfect :slight_smile:

The Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital has landed and works flawlessly.


I have currently 2 DAC’s connected to one of my RoPieee’s and I can use them both as independent zones at the same time.
The Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital and the Meridian Explorer² are hooked up to the same RPi.

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I grouped the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital zone with my headphones and the Meridian Explorer² zone with my PC desktop speakers. Now I can easily switch between headphone and PC desktop speaker listening whithout changing settings in Roon. :slight_smile:

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