Pro-Ject Stream Box DS as WIFI DAC

Hi there,

I am a happy Roon user since a couple of month. I am using a Teufel Connector as DAC at the moment and I am quite happy with it. Core is on a standalone MacMini only for Roon and Plex.

Now I saw a Pro-Ject Stream Box DS net in an online auction and I wonder if I should buy it. Is this compatible and WIFI capable? What I really need is to be able to control everything from my iPad laying on my reading chair or better sound listening chair so volume control directly from within the Roon app is mandatory :-).

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!


It doesn’t run Roon, which is presumably important given this is the Roon forum. The one that does is the Stream Box S2 Ultra (which I can recommend as it’s my main streamer)