Pro- Ject Stream Box S2 ultra and ROON

Roon Core Machine

My ROON crashes after 10-15 songs and only work when I restart it. Has anyone had the same expirience?

Regards Martin Kaup.

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Hi @martin_kaup,

my Stream Box S2 Ultra works absolutely flawlessly with Roon. Maybe a few more details here in the post would help @support.

  • Roon Core details
  • which device feeds the Stream Box and how it is connected
  • do you use upsampling

Same as with Uli - no problem using the stream box with Roon.

i WENT OUT SHOPPING. And wHILE OUT i TESTED A THEORY i HAD. tHAT IT’S NOT roon or streamer related. It’s more likely my power amp that does not like my listening levels. I conclude that I played 50-60 songs at a very moderate level and it has still not fallen. Over I shall try with my more normal levels and see if I can recreate the disconnection. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for your input so far.

regards Martin

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I wish you luck finding a cause!

Please do let us know.


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