Problem accessing SSD

I have a ROCK Roon Core running on a NUC, connected via ethernet cable to a PC running Roon. On that PC, sometimes when I try and access the internal SSD of the Rock (in Windows file explorer, where it is mapped as a network drive), I get this error message:


Funny thing is, if I navigate ot the parent directory of this folder in explorer, I get the same error message - but if I navigate to the parent of that folder, then it works - and, I can then successfully navigate back into the subfolder which was initially giving me the above error message.

I don’t seem to get any playback issues within Roon, which is accessing the same SSD for music.

This behaviour seems intermittent though when it happens, it is reproducible. I’m not sure what is causing it and am open to ideas!

I have noticed an issue if my path is to long.

see if copying that folder up a few directories (something temp) changes the behavior. < 256 characters is the goal I think.

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Yup. Despite the fact that it’s now 2022, Windows PCs running a 64bit OS still have issues with file paths exceeding 256 characters.


Path handling on Windows sucks a bit. Opinion is divided, MS think UNC is best and most other folk go with something POSIX like. Windows versions aren’t even that consistent amongst themselves.

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