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I’m trying to add a network share and keep getting an error message: There was an unexpected error: UnexpectedError I have the Roon Nucleus+ with an internal 2TB SSD. I’m running Roon Operating System Version 1.0 (build 183) and Roon Server Software Version 1.6 (build 416) on Windows 10 platform. I’m connected via Ethernet with a Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller. The device I’m trying to add is shared, I’ve tried using the IP address and the actual network path, same error either way. The network share is located on a different computer than that which Roon is installed. However, I get the same result when I try to add a drive/folder on the same computer that Roon is installed on. Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.


Hi @Michael_Standridge,

There is an update that we just released yesterday, version 1.7. Can you try updating and let us know if that helps?

If not, can you share a screenshot of what you’re entering into Roon for the share?



Thanks for your response. I successfully installed the update. No change. Here is a print screen image of the error.



Thanks for trying the update and for sending the screenshot, @Michael_Standridge!

First, we need to make sure the folder you’re trying to use is appropriately shared over the network. Also, you’ll want to make sure you’re entering the correct username and password here.

You should follow the instructions outlined here to make sure everything is shared. Once you’ve done that try entering the path again and let me know if you have any troubles:

Hi Dylan,

Once again, thanks for your response. The drive that I’m trying to add is shared properly. I’m getting the network path directly from the Properties menu on the shared drive. Additionally, it seems like when I try to add a local folder, it doesn’t look on the local computer, rather the internal SSD in the Nucleus+. I say this because the add new folder screen that comes up show “PCM Music” SABRENT\ and then I’m to type in the folder to share. I can’t help but wonder if Roon is only looking at the internal SSD and that’s why it doesn’t acknowledge/see the network path. Here’s a screen shot of what I’m referring to regarding the local folder:

If I type in e: as the New Folder, Roon creates a new folder on the internal SSD in the Nucleus, rather than adding a local folder. When I type in the full path of the local folder, I get this error:

I’m following the instruction to the letter, so I’m stuck and confused.

Thanks for your help,


Exactly that is what’s happening here. Please remember that you are managing your Roon Core here. All file/directory operations are relative to the core, much like when you would use a remote access software to access the desktop of another PC and then open Finder/Explorer there.

If you want to add a new network share, please click on the blue + Add Network Share text button directly above the button labeled New Folder.

See also:FAQ: How do I import music?

I hope this gets you up and running again, so you can enjoy your music over the weekend.

Hi Blackjack,

Please refer to the full post here. I’m not able to add a Network Share. That’s what started this post. I posted screen shots of the error I get when trying to do so. I was informing Dylan that there was an additional problem of adding a local folder.

Based on what you’re telling me, I only have two choice: 1) Only use a local computer as the core and store all my music on that, or 2) only store music on the internal SSD, as the core, in the Nucleus+. I can’t do both. Am I interpreting what you’re saying incorrectly?



Sure you can do both (using network shares in addition to the internal storage), but you can’t use the path to a network share (\\Musicserver\e: in your example) as a name for a new folder.

I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve. As I already wrote, you’re managing your Roon Core. Any local (to the Core) folders are already there, either on the internal SSD or on an external one connected by USB (to the Core) or both at the same time. Anything else is not local. Use + Add Network Share to add.

I used the example \\Musicserver\e: only to illustrate that I tried simply using the drive letter to add a new folder (local) and it didn’t work, so I tried using the entire path, still didn’t work. Per the Roon Knowledge Base, this is how to add a Network Share: * If your Roon Core is running on Windows, the path to your networked folder might look like this: \\MyNASDrive\Multimedia\Music However, I’m not trying add a NAS folder from a dedicated NAS, rather a shared folder on a computer different to the one that is being used as the core/host. When I try to add a Network Folder, I get the error that you can see in the original screen shot I sent to Dylan. Also of note is the fact that when I simply type in e: to add a folder, not Network Folder, Roon creates a folder called e: on the internal SSD of the Nuclues+. This tells me that it is only looking at the Nucleus+. Hence, I tried directing it to the \Musicserver\e:, which is a folder on the computer where the Roon software is installed. Take a look at the first screen shot I sent to Dylan and you can see what started my inquiry. I’d like to add that shared folder on another computer. The network address is entered correctly per the properties of the shared device… No user name or password is required, so that’s not an issue. I hope this helps make my goal a little more clear.


So I assume you want to add a network share that is maybe the drive K: on the PC named Dektop-c7rsbvl running Windows 10 to your Roon Core.

Sharing drives directly is considered bad practice on Windows and may lead to further problems. One should always use folders instead unless one is a professional Windows administrator and knows what he does.

This is actually not easy to achieve when using a Windows 10 PC (on purpose because it’s insecure). Are you sure you’ve undergone the complicated process to make this possible?

The easiest way is normally to share a folder and put the same username and password you usually use to login to Windows in the respective fields in Roon’s Add Network Share dialog window.

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