Problem adding Roon Server on QNAP TVS 471

Where is the best place to put the downloaded .qpkg file so that it can be found using the browse function. I put it onto a USB memory stick but that path can’t be accessed. I’m sure this is simple but it illudes me.

I have it in iCloud and then can drag it in via the app Center.

Thanks. I’ll try that in the morning.

I still am unable to browse in the manual add tab of the App Center and find the RoonServer app. I have downloaded it and put it on a USB thumb drive. I can’t navigate to the thumbdrive. I have tried downloading as suggested to iCloud but I can’t navigate there either. This browse function won’t let me follow the FileStation 5 path to the RoonServer App file. Where do I need to place this file on the NAS in order to be able to browse to it so I can proceed.

Do you get to the screen I posted above?

If so, click browse and select iCloud.

Click iCloud and it will be there

My screen doesn’t have the menu above the browse button where iCloud is an option

I click browse to get at that menu

I would post a screen shot but don’t know how to do that.

The browse button brings up a open file menu that has on the left side options like search, recently used, qtr,root,file system. None of these options will get me to the file. The search function doesn’t yield any results. The file system option doesn’t get me to any location where the file is.

If I use the File Station I can easily see the file sitting on my thumb drive but in the browse button menu there is no way that I can find to get there.

Do I need to add another App first to see the menu you posted with the browse button?

This is very frustrating. I do not get anything like the pop up menu in your screen shot.

I found the problem. I was using a monitor and keyboard directly connected to the qnap.
You only get the pop up you got when using a browser to connect to the qnap.

Thanks for your help

I saw the address at the top of you screen shot and that solved my problem.

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Well done. I am pleased you got there in the finish. The positive is that we learn as we go and you are now the site expert here …:sunglasses: