Problem assigning output to channels other than 1 and 2 on the Mac

In version 1.1 of Roon for the Mac, it was possible to set Roon to output to “System Output” then use the Mac’s Audio Midi Setup app to assign the stereo output of Roon to any of the channels of an audio device that supports more than 2 channels (e.g. a multi-channel USB audio interface).

With version 1.3 (I think also 1.2) that is not possible anymore. Roon always outputs its stereo audio to Channel 1 and 2 of the audio device and it is not possible to route that output to other channels of the device. This causes version 1.3 of Room to be completely useless for my particular set-up.

I understand that this problem may be too particular to deserve getting priority attention by the programmers at Roon Labs and I am happy to use v 1.1 of Roon while waiting and hoping that it would be addressed in a future version. However, I need to use the iPad Roon Remote app to control Roon on my headless Mac and the latest version of that app does not run with v 1.1 of Roon Core. The app insists that you upgrade the core before it can run.

I do not have a copy anymore of the old Roon Remote iPad app that runs with Roon core 1.1. If I do, I could upload it to the iPad (ignore the App Store alerts to upgrade it) and use it with Roon 1.1. That would solve my problem until, hopefully, the channel assignment problem is solved in a future version of Roon.

I tried hard to find that older version of Roon Remote iPad app to no avail. Does anyone know where I could get it?


Hi @Edgar_Choueiri ---- Thank you for the report and the questions, we always appreciate the feedback.

In regard to, using an older version of the application, this is not something we encourage as all of your Roon devices should be running the same versions/builds to function as expected.

With the release of 1.3, Roon now supports multichannel playback and our knowledge base contains good documentation on how to configure/use multichannel cable device with the software.

Can your provide me with the details of your current setup as seen here and we can try to get this sorted out for you :sunglasses:


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply. I am anxious to get this resolved.

I am using version 1.3 of Roon on a Mac Mini late 2012 with 16 GB of Ram running Mac OS 10.8.3.

For audio device, I am a USB audio interface (RME UCX) with 16 channels.

I have looked at the Multi-channel support in the database as you advised but it does not address the issue I am having.

Let me describe the issue.

I only play stereo files in Roon but I wish to assign the L and R channels to channels 13 and 14 of my multi-channel USB audio device.

In version 1.1 of Roon I could do that with no problem by choosing "System Output” as the output zone in Roon, then using the Mac’s Audio Midi Setup app to assign the stereo output of Roon to channels 13 and 14 (or any of the channels in my multi-channel USB audio interface).

With version 1.3 that is not longer possible anymore. If I choose "System Output” as the output zone in Roon as I did in v 1.1 the L and R audio are sent directly to channels 1 and 2 of the multi-channel audio device and Audio Midi Setup app cannot be used to assign them to any other channels.

If I choose my multi-channel USB audio device as the output zone in Roon and select a channel layout in “Device Setup” I cannot see a way to map L and R of a stereo file to channels 13 and 14 of my audio device.

While 1.3 added multi-channel capability it does not allow an arbitrary mapping of channels like Mac’s Audio Midi Setup app.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi @Edgar_Choueiri ----- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the clarification, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please provide me with a screen shot of your “audio tab” (found under settings) as well as a set of logs by following the instructions found here.