Problem - Audio Silent with Montiror Off (HDMI)

I just set up a Roon server on a Windows 10 21H1 machine on an older Intel NUC6i7KYK with 32GB of memory. I am connecting the PC to a Pioneer VSX-LX305 via HDMI using the ASIO4ALL driver which is set to use the HDMI out. I can get multichannel, etc. So far so good … but not really.

When I have my TV on, everything is fine. Once I turn the TV off I get no audio output. I am not sure if this is Roon because I can select something to play and it looks like it is in the iOS app, but it isn’t. If I turn the TV on - magic! The sound is back. I can use my Sony SCD-XA5400ES or Pioneer UDP-LX500 via HDMI for DSD direct without a monitor on so I know it’s not the receiver.

I’m open to any and all ideas.

Any ideas?

A fellow user pointed out this link (Roon --> AVR --> Projector / HDMI outputs reset whenever I turn on/off projector - #3 by Marco_de_Jonge). I suspect it could be HDMI related (hence the title) and I’m painfully aware of HDMI handshaking. That thread indicates that ROCK could potentially work (not supported on that NUC) but the issue is with a Roon server running on Windows. That would be unfortunate.

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