Problem browsing or playlist local playlists in Roon via the API

Roon Core Machine

Problem has occurred over two different cores

  • 2vCPU/8GB/SSD Ubuntu VM running Roon Server
  • Intel NUC10i7/32GB/SSD running Roon Rock

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Issue is with the API which shouldn’t involve networking gear

Number of Tracks in Library

1000 or so - I almost exclusively stream via Tidal

Description of Issue

I have a strange issue involving the Roon API. In the past, I curated my playlists on Tidal and listened at home via Roon, but on the road via Tidal in my car. Since the release of Roon Arc, I’ve moved to keeping my playlists locally on Roon which is a much better experience for adding/removing songs.

However, I’ve noticed that Roon isn’t showing any of my playlists through the API that are local - it only shows playlists that exist on Tidal. I know Roon can’t support third party code, but I’ve verified this with two separate extension that use the Roon API. One being Home Assistant where I first noticed the issue, and the other being ‘Roon Web Controller’ which I understand has been fairly widely used. Both of them show the same behavior - Tidal playlists are shown and can be played, but playlists managed locally in Roon cannot.

How I can track down this issue?

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@Andrew_Embury, I moved your post to Roon API under Tinkering where you may be able to leverage other users who also are experienced with developing using the Roon API.

I don’t have any experience with the Roon APIs, but one question to you. Can you see your local Roon playlists in the ARC app?

Yes, all the playlists show in Arc and can be played

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