Problem connecting and streaming Tidal within Roon


The following problem occur

  • Play’s one or two tracks and then stops or hangs. Duration up to 5 min.or sometimes longer.
  • Difficulties to connect Tidal. At login I have to choose ‘switch account’, before it even try’s to connect. At that point I use the regular account credentials, which then approved by Roon. Connecting takes long time.
  • Failure loading page within Roon (Tidal account)
  • Local tracks (NAS) play’s fine
  • Playing directly from Tidal app works fine
  • Problem appears on all devices. i.e. PC(win10)/laptop (win10) Tablet (android)


  • Modem Zyxel VMG8825-T50
  • Intel NUC i5, 4 GB/250GB SSD
  • Roon Rock
  • Server software Version 1.8 (build 790) stable
  • Lenovo NAS (local files) 4385 files
  • Cambridge 851N Azur
  • Iphone X Roon remote 1.8 (build 790) stable

What I’ve done so far:

  • Re-installed Roon
  • Temporarely turned of firewalls and antivirus
  • Changed DNS to google
  • Deleted Cache Roonserver and registry tidal account
  • Created a new account Tidal for testing
  • Renamed database (Roonfolder) to .old
  • Renamed Roonserver to .old
  • Reset modem to factory settings.
  • Set up with only the Rooncore directly connected to the modem. Without any other devices connected
  • Set the Rooncore to a static/dedicated dhcp/ip
  • Log in and out of Tidal account
  • Log in and out of Roon account
  • Picked up the Rooncore and used a total different network, which worked fine.
  • Noticed in log files trying to connect to error. Ping to not possible. Yet possible on different network.

All of the above with no result so far.

Hello @Timar_de_Keijzer,

I’m sorry my message to welcome you to the Roon community is this much delayed :wave: . Please, accept my apologies :pleading_face:

Thank you for taking the time to try the numerous troubleshooting steps you’ve described and for sharing them with us, alongside the description of the issue you’re experiencing. We appreciate it.

Before moving this thread to our technical team, I wanted to ask: are you still experiencing it? Have things changed at all?

I’m having similar problems with Tidal over Roon, notwithstanding the most recent Roon software update that was said to address some of these problems. When Roon looks to pull information from Tidal, Artist or Album information, ~50% of the time I see the Roon animated logo for 10-20 seconds. Frequently, it times out and I’m left with a blank white screen. Rinse, repeat. Most often, I eventually get the data, but this has grown tiresome. I saw the same problem with Tidal over Sooloos before I moved over to Roon 1+ years back, so this is an unpleasant flashback for me.

This occurs on both Mac and iPad Roon apps. When it occurs, reboots of my dedicated, ethernet cabled, NUC running ROCK, and local apps on iPad and Mac, don’t improve the situation. All software on devices is up to date.

This has been happening for several months. I didn’t notice a change after the most recent software update that included mention of Roon’s “more aggressive” (I think those were the words) attempts to pull tracks from Tidal.