Problem connecting to Roon and Lumin [Resolved]

I’m having a problem again with Lumin showing on Roon audio zone. This time I rebooted the server Mac and the Mac Mini. I also rebooted Lumin.

Now I don’t even get the audio zone page.

All I get is "Remote Connection. Waiting for Remote Core…

What is going on?


Hi Will,

Do you get a Select a Different Core button (or something like that)? If so, click it and select your core.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

I clicked on that, but it said “if you select a different core, you won’t be able to access the music you had before.”

I’m not sure what the implications of that really are? If it won’t effect my Tidal playlists, i guess I would be OK with that…

Hi Will,

I had to do this with my android phone recently. No problems, it should just search for your current core.

Cheers, Greg

OK, thanks. Problem solved!

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