Problem Connecting to Simaudio Moon

HI Roon! Just learned my Moon280D is Roon Tested, but after downloading it onto my Mac, it does not show up anywhere in the Moon remote control app on my iPad enabling me to choose it as a source. I downloaded the Roon app on my iPad, and it does not recognize the Moon as a system. I’m jazzed the two are integrated, and hope you can clarify settings so I can confirm things well so I can purchase immediately! There is no easy-to-find information on setting Roon on the Simaudio website.


Bruce Orr

The MOON is not RoonReady but Roon tested.
That means I think that you can use the DAC with a RoonReady Streamer but not the streamer that is inside the 280.
The streamer is a UpNP streamer and that is not going to work… sorry.
You must buy a RoonReady streamer and connect him with the MOON DAC.
Maybe MOON is RoonReady in the future???

Thanks much, but a little confused. The Moon 280D is Roon Tested, as you confirmed. The 280D does not have an internal streamer, but uses an external streamer. For example, I am now using Twonky. Although I have not yet purchased the Roon, when downloading, it said it was each of these things: Control, Core and Output. I interpret Output to mean Streamer. Thanks for your patience and further counsel.

Bruce Orr

I think that when @Roony refers to “streamer,” he is talking about hardware, not software. I believe the UPnP streamer he mentions is the optional (hardware) MiND module for the 280D, which in fact does not appear to be RoonReady; i.e., it does not support Roon’s RAAT networking protocol and so cannot be deemed RoonReady by Roon Labs.

The 280D is Roon tested, so it should work fine with Roon, but you would need to either (1) connect it directly to the computer running the Roon core (most likely via USB or S/PDIF) or (2) connect it via a RoonReady network endpoint (Raspberry Pi, microRendu, etc.).


Thanks for furthering the discussion, David. You have provided great information which does not seem to be communicated at either the Simaudio/Moon website, nor Roon. I have the 280D with MIND built-in/integrated into the box. Because my audio system is a long way from my Mac music library, I connect the 280D to the Mac/Twonky, etc, via ethernet directly from my router, not directly from the computer. The 280D/Mind is compatible with DLNP and/or UpNP. Given those are the most prevalent (I think) network connects, I am surprised this is not working. I am not familiar with Roon Ready network endpoints, so don’t know if they are compatible with the 280D/Mind? I will do some research. This is way more work than I envisioned, for something that does not come with “how-to” instructions. Thanks again.

Bruce Orr
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Hi Bruce,

Being Roon Tested in this instance means it works with Roon via a USB connection. Simaudio has mentioned in the past that they are working to make the DAC’s Roon Ready, which will make use of your Ethernet connection.

It’s not Roon Ready yet and only Simaudio will know if or when it will be ready.

Check Roon’s Knowledge Base for lots more information.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you, Greg. But is there a work around as “Orgel” suggested? Is it something like the Sonore Sonicorbiter SE, which I guess acts as a “receiver” between my Mac/Roon and the 280D/Moon?

Hi @Bruce_Orr ----- Yes, you are correct that a device like Sonore’s SoniceOribter can allow you to access your Moon280D from Roon across your network.

I, like many of our user, have a MicroRendu in my home setup and have had a lot of success with the device.


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Isn’t this the most easy way: ROON core - ROON Bridge - USB - Moon 280

Thank you Kees - Because of the distance between my Mac and Moon 280D, the Moon connects via an ethernet cable from the router. As a result I cannot use a USB direct from the computer.

Thank you, Eric. So 1) the Roon would stay on my Mac, 2) the Roon and MicroRendu would recognize each other, and 3) the MicroRendu would plug into the USB port on the 280D/Moon. Is that right? At that point, what remote would be used on my iPad to navigate the 280D/Moon? The Mind? The Roon? Will the user interface look like Roon’s or the current Moon remote interface?

Thank you very much again.

Bruce Orr

(I’m not @Eric, but I thought maybe I could help.)

Yes. You need to do a little configuration when you set up the microRendu, but it’s pretty straightforward.

The Roon app for iPad.

The Roon UI on the iPad is virtually exactly the same as on your Mac. (Make sure your iPad can run the Roon app.)

Just a couple of comments:

Unless and until Simaudio gets the 280D with MiND certified as RoonReady, MiND is pretty much out of the picture. However, it does seem like there’s some hope in that area. It’s a long shot, but before purchasing any additional hadware, maybe you should check with Simaudio if for no reason other than to make sure RoonReadiness isn’t imminent.

Before purchasing a microRendu, you might want to check in with the folks at Sonore and make sure there are no compatibility issues or other limitations related to the 280D.

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David - you’re helping a lot. thank you. I’m afraid, the more I learn, the more questions. If you don’t mind, just a little more coaching, especially with what you’re saying in the last couple of paragraphs.

  1. The MicroRendu is able to be pointed to my music file (located on a LaCie ext HD connected to my Mac)?
  2. So, although the 280D has the Mind module built in, the Roon app downloaded to the iPad will function with the 280D hardware nav just as the Mind remote would, as well as navigate the Roon software interface and my music library?
  3. Good idea to check with Simaudio about any Roon Ready launch
  4. Lastly, do you recommend something like HQPlayer as an additional overlay between Roon and the MicroRendu?

I’m anxious to get this little project activated, so your help is more appreciated than you know. Thank you, David


David - also wanted to get your thoughts on power supply for the MicroRendu.

The way it works is you go to Settings > Storage in Roon and specify the folders you want Roon to watch for music. Once you have your mR/280D zone set up, you just tell Roon you want to play music through that zone. At the end of the day, it should work as you want.

I’m not familiar with the MiND software so I don’t know exactly what it can do, but you’ll be able to configure the mR/280D zone and select the music you want to play, all from the Roon app on the iPad and/or your Mac. When you first set up the mR, you’ll have to use its web interface, but it’s pretty straightforward, and you probably won’t have to revisit it very often, probably just for the occasional update of the mR software.

If you’re not already familiar with HQPlayer, I think I would leave it alone until after you have things up and running with Roon only. HQP is very good software and is fun to play with (if you like playing with software), but its user interface is the opposite of Roon’s, and it can seem impenetrable at first. I used to use HQP in conjunction with Roon and was very happy, but (IMO) Roon’s own DSP capabilities have evolved to the point where I don’t feel compelled to use HQP any more. (If you decide to start using HQP at some point, the mR will function very well with it.)

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Well, one consideration is how much you want to spend, and beyond that, it gets pretty subjective. At the low end, Sonore sells an iFi iPower PS with the mR. I have one of these, and it’s not bad at all, so you might want to just start off with that.

I think a lot of hardcore mR fans would say you should get an Uptone LPS-1. It’s designed by the same guy who designed the mR hardware. I have Uptone’s other power supply (designed by the same guy), and I really, really like it, so perhaps I can’t make an objective recommendation here. There are hundreds of power supplies you can choose from, at all different price points.

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New Question: for whatever reason, roon had created two artist files for the same artist. In this case, it was The Savage Rose. One of those had a Roon-populated artist photo and profile, and the other did not. when I merged the two, the artist profile and pic went away. When I went to Settings/Library and tried in an attempt to unmerge the two, the window told me that I had no files that had been merged. In an effort to trigger Roon to retireve the artist photo and bio, I have since tried to ensure that all artist names - primary and performer - were identical on all three of the artist’s albums, but nothing is working.

PS. PS. Overall, I’m pretty disappointed in the number of number of artists that Roon does not provide photos or bio info. Doesn’t seem to matter whether the artists are new or old; legendary or not. Slim Harpo and Sam McClain, both hall of fame blues players have nothing. Chuck Berry had nothing…until I changed the name of the album for the track to something that was much, much older vs. the same track on a newer release.

I think some of these missing photos might be related to an album that’s unidentified. When I search for the example artists you mention, I get no artist photo for Slim Harpo, but I do get photos for both Chuck Berry and Sam McClain. (In the last instance, the hit is actually for “Mighty Sam McClain”.) I got biographical info for all of them.

Also, did you know you can add your own artist photo if there is none or you don’t like the one that’s used?

Thanks, David.

So I can find no way to trigger Roon to populate the artist photo and bio info into an album by that same artist IF Roon cannot identify that album. After getting your message, I searched for Bruce Cockburn, and Roon brought up a photo and bio. But Roon won’t add that info to the Bruce Cockburn album that it cant identify!! Any tricks?