Problem getting set up, connecting to core

I am new to Roon. Have installed Roon server, Roon Bridge, and Roon app on Windows 10 desktop. Storage is directed to the internal hard drive where I store all music files; app indicates it is watching for new files in real time. I have Sonos speakers.

My albums (12,500 tracks) have loaded into the app. But when I click Settings > Configure Roon OS Core, the dialog box shows “Searching for Roon OS Core” but finds nothing.

When I open the Roon app on my Android, I get the same message.

I do not find a way to play music on Sonos.

Will be much obliged for help.

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Welcome. Roon Server and Roon Bridge can’t coexist on the same computer. Shut them both down, uninstall Bridge, and then start Server

Next step is to go to Settings → Audio and enable your Sonos devices as Outputs