Problem Importing The Who's Quadrophenia

NUC build 1.7

I am trying to rip and import The Who’s Quadrophenia. It is 2 discs. I am ripping via DBpoweramp to an HDD attached to my ROCK/NUC.

If I rip the SECOND cd, it shows up in Roon immediately under Recently Added. If I then rip CD1, the CD2 DISAPPEARS from recently added, and NEITHER shows up in Roon.

I am genuinely puzzled. Thoughts?

I always rip to a PC first then put the complete folder into Roon

Trying that now. Never had any problem with Dbpoweramp

If the album is already in your library Roon may be hiding duplicates

I reimported and it finally accepted it. THEN–disappeared again…

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet:
FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly?

I renamed it 1996 Remix and it appeared. Crazy!

Hi @Peter_Rustin,

The link BlackJack shared is definitely good to check out for details on our recommended structure for multi-disc albums. Also, when ripping multi-disc sets directly to the folder watched by Roon, you might want to stop RoonServer during this time until the rip is complete. This way Roon doesn’t try to start importing the set until it is complete.

Thanks all. Roon thought it was a duplicate. I fixed the title.

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