Problem in installing Roon on HPE DL20 with Windows Server 2016 Standard

  • Hardware : HPE DL20 (Intel Xeon E-2124 CPU)
  • Display Adapter : Matrox G200eh3 (HP) WDDM 2.0
  • OS : Windows Server 2016 Standard

I just download Roon Windows 64 bit and install on HPE DL20. However, Roon require OpenGL to run the control so I just install the Roon Server. The installation went well, no error but after double click at Roon to start, nothing appean on sceen as I expect to see some start up screen so I can login.

I use Task Manager and find 2 Roon run as background : RoonAppliance and RoonServer.

With 2 Roon applications running, I think may be Roon already run and I need to use my PC to control so I install Roon on my laptop and use them as remote but it top at “Looking for your Roon Core”.

Server is wired to switch while laptop conntect through WiFi and in same network.
I turn off the Windows 2016 firewall.

Neep help on this.

Just to inform that the problem I have mentioned is solved. I don’t really know what has happen but what I have done is kill the Roon on my laptop that stop on finding the Roon Core, then start again. This time it find Roon Core on DL20 !!!

So just want to say that you can close this ticket now.

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