Problem in Roon settings of PS Audio DAC

Roon Core Machine

Small Green Computer SonicTransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Uptone Etheregen

Connected Audio Devices

SoTM sms200ULTRA NEO streamer
PS Audio Directstream DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

In the latest release, the Device Config for the PS Audio DS DAC allows only up to 96Khz while it supports 192Khz and also Native DSD via USB. So when I try to play 192Khz or DSD, it downsamples it and converts DSD to PCM unnecessarily and lowers the SQ.

Hi Ori,

Fellow user here. A pic of your Signal Path might be of help to support.

I would try reviewing the setup of both the SoTM and PS Audio (not in Roon but the device setups) to make sure they are set correctly.

Roon defaults to what the queried device has told Roon it can do. So, it is possilbe something in that chain is responding with a 96 limit (hence check each device’s settings).

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Hello @Rugby,
Very helpful ! the SoTM was indeed set to max rate of DSD128 instead of 256.
I set it to DSD256 and now Roon allows me to set maxrate of 192KHz.

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Glad to have been of help.