Problem in total hours in "Recent listening" counter

NUC8i5 (ROCK/1.8 build 764)

Description Of Issue

I noticed whenever I play music somewhere between midnight and until about 7am, the total number of play time is tallied to the previous day and not to the present day. I have not have a chance to play music in the morning after 7am lately so I couls not tell exactly what time it starts counting the total to the present day.

Is it a time zone issue? Is it? Shouldn’t the cut off use the local time of my Core?

Thank you.


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The same thing happens to me, I’m thinking it is set to a specific time zone but I wouldn’t mind a feature request to choose your own time zone!

I am trying to show the issue that I reported.

I created a new profile so that I could it cleanly.

Now is Saturday morning about 4am in the morning. My time zone is GMT +7.

I play a song. After the song is finished a log in history is posted for an 8-minute-long track. However, the tally is shown as it was played on Friday while Saturday is empty.

I hope this shows clearly the issue. This is now on Roon 1.8 build 783.


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