Problem installing NAA-image on Rasp Pi

Did read some posts about installing NAA-image of Sygnalist and thought it was an easy job to do. I have a SD-card of 32 Gb which I could use for this setup. So I started with this easy job but…

This is what I did:

Maybe too easy for the job?

At the last step, select you mrendu NAA and press “apply”

Then look at your list of NAA’s again.

It’s kind of like doing a ‘refresh’.

All your other steps look correct.

Looks correct, you just don’t need to format the card before flashing, because flashing will overwrite any pre-existing formatting it may have.

Thanks for your fast and helpful answer!!
That was easy and did the job. :smiley:
This is the result:
config audio backend 2021-08-14 133203

Now I’ve got two options extra but don’t know which is the right one. Maybe both are right.
The Raspberry is connected to the Loxjie D30 which is a DAC and headphone amplifier. What should be the best choice?
On this moment (didn’t choose an option) I can’t see in Roon> Settings> Audio this option. Will I see this option after choosing/apply in Config HQPlayer?

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The USB audio one (middle in your list) is correct.

The bottom one is for the 3.5mm analogue output of the RPi itself, so you don’t want to use that.

No, in Roon you only setup HQP server. Roon doesn’t see the NAA at all.

So you only have to point Roon to your HQP Emebbeded server. Go to “Setup” then “Add HQPlayer” then use your IP address.

This will create a HQPlayer “zone” in Roon

Thanks again for your fast answers!!

That’s very helpful.

But I already did add HQPlayer two years ago for my microRendu-La Rosita.
Should I do this again for this new option? Will both options (microRendu-La Rosita and NAA-Loxjie) continue to exist in Roon> Settings> Audio?

No, then if HQP is setup nothing to change in Roon side.

As I mentioned above you don’t change anything NAA related in Roon.

Press play and enjoy the music !

So when I would listen to NAA-Loxjie D30. I have to choose in HQPlayer Config the Audio Backend option <naa: Loxjie Audio: USB>. But will this be a visible Zone in Roon?

Correct you change NAA on Config web page.

But the HQPlayer itself doesn’t change, so you don’t change anything in Roon.

Roon will play to HQPlayer server and HQPlayer server will play to whatever NAA you selected on Config page.

I think I understand my misunderstanding.
In Roon I see on my display Zone HQPlayer symbol but I named it also HQPd-La Rosita an addition by myself:

So if I will listen to the naa: Loxjie it will be the zone HQPd-La Rosita. Maybe I should change the naming of that zone. And when I want to know to what I’m listening at I have to look in the Config of HQPlayer what I did chose in the Network Audio Backend.

Correct, if you have only one HQPlayer “server” in your house, just leave the name of that zone in Roon as the original “HQPlayer” name. As I wrote about, you never need to change anything in Roon after that.

In Config web page, you select which NAA you want.

Roon always plays to the same server. HQPlayer will play to NAA you select in Config page.

Jussi might have 5 different HQPlayer servers in his house, for his development work, so then he needs to give each a different name in Roon. In Roon there is nothing at all related to NAA.

Thanks for your help dabasgoesboomboom. :smiley:

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No worries.

The RPi4 + NAA image is a really top notch solution. RPi4 has overcome the major issues of the earlier RPi models (with USB).

I use one at DSD256 (with EC modulator) very reliably. Never one issue.

My Rendu is also reliable but a lot more expensive !

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I just installed this on my RPi4 and could not get wifi to work. I entered all the necessary details in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf but somehow the RPi just would not connect. The pre-built image does not have many tools so I am unable to troubleshoot much. Has anyone managed to get wifi to work?

i use the following commands in my rPI NAA setup script; was inspired from existinng eth0/br0 connfig files, and wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf from different rPI headless WiFI connfig HOWTOs (with a few tweaks so i cann reliably conect to my WiFi network); set country-code / ssid / psk as you need or use your existing /etc/wpa-supplicant.conf file instead

# reconfig network (enable WiFi)
sed -i.orig -e '/ExecStart/ s/$/ --any/' /lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd-wait-online.service
cat >/etc/systemd/network/ <<END



mkdir /etc/wpa_supplicant
cat >/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf <<END
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=root
country=[2-letter counntry code]

    ssid="[your SSID]"
    psk="[your WiFi password]"

# disable / restart services
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable --now wpa_supplicant@wlan0
systemctl restart systemd-networkd
systemctl restart systemd-networkd-wait-online
systemctl restart networkaudiod
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Thank you for this. I managed to get the wifi to work but now for some strange reason, I do not see this NAA in my HQP configuration. I am able to ping it and I can see the NAA on another RPi running DietPi.

check HQPlayer’s logs (for jussi’s embeded OS - /tmp/hqplayerd.log) after you restart NAA, HQPlayer ; HQPlayerd reports all discovered NAAs; make sure NAA & HQPlayer have IPs from the same sub-net

Check that each NAA has a unique name. Also check that the WiFi comes fully up before networkaudiod is started, and that the wired ethernet is disabled and at least not configured to the same subnet.

I checked the log. HQP cannot discover the NAA for some reason. This particular IP address does not appear. Yes, they are in the same subnet. If I switch to the DietPi NAA, I can see it appear in the log.

Where is the NAA name configured? As the RPi is running headless and there is no means to ssh in, how do I check if wifi is up before networkaudiod? I have not disabled the LAN port. There is no IP address configured for eth0 so I guess that should be ok?