Problem iTunes playlists[answered media is in M4P container]

help to solve the problem connect iTunes playlists. Everything is done in accordance with your recommendations. Screen shots attached. Roon scans the folder for a short time displayed the number of found tracks from iTunes, but once lost, and these tracks and playlists no where visible. Thanks in advance. Maxim


Hello @Maxim_Timofeev,

You need to enable iTunes support for current watched folder. Please give this a read and let us know if you have any questions


Я в предыдущем сообщении прислал снимки экранов с выполненными указанными рекомендациями.

I sent pictures of screens with the above recommendations in the previous message.

Hello @Maxim_Timofeev,

Your screenshots are lacking one important peace - we don’t know whether you enabled ‘Import iTunes content’ feature in Roon. To do this you need to navigate to the Edit screen for the storage location where your iTunes XML is stored:

Then, enable iTunes Import

Also keep in mind that Roon uses the iTunes XML as a source for additional information about your files, and to support importing of playlists, but uses Roon’s folder-watching infrastructure to locate the actual files.

So, if This Mac/Gain/Users/Maxim/Music/iTunes contains only iTunes Music Library.XML and actual music files are located, for e.g., in This Mac/Gain/Users/Maxim/Foo, you need to copy iTunes XML into Foo folder and add it as a watched folder in Roon.

I do understand russian, but let’s keep it in english so others could participate in or benefit from this conversation.

Vladimir, thanks for the prompt answers.
But, I turned on the access of other apps to .xml file with iTunes. Checked that it is changed (date modified). Music files from iTunes from that playlist inside of this directory and I enabled ‘Import iTunes content’ feature in Roon.

Ok, I’d like to clarify few other points:

Do you have any playlists when you open a Playlists browser ? ( Press ‘Tab’ to open side bar > Press ‘Playlists’ ) Can you also take a screenshot ?
I can see that 4 files were imported, how many files do you have in the iTunes folder in total ? Can you verify that iTunes folder contains more than 4 files ?

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Files from ‘Day Breaks’ album have .m4p extension which Roon doesn’t support. iTunes was using such extension long time ago to sell media content with DRM protection.
Roon reads AAC and ALAC files in M4A container.
That is also the reason why those playlists aren’t shown, Roon ignores playlists which are empty ( in this case playlist is “empty” for Roon because it doesn’t detect M4P ). Note that playlist ‘25 most popular’ is shown, so iTunes integration is working.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will now deal with iTunes.