Problem launching Roon on MacBook

Core Machine

Macbook air, macos Big Sur, version 11.0.1

Network Details


Audio Devices

Description of Issue

Downloaded, when I drag it to applications folder, bounce back. Tried to follow your instruction to open Terminals and copy the command CMD+C, but it shows like:

Last login: Mon May 10 20:13:05 on ttys000
xinsun@Xins-Air ~ % CMD+C
zsh: command not found: CMD+C
xinsun@Xins-Air ~ %

What I can do?

Can you share the instructions that were provided? You probably misunderstood the instructions. Instead of typing ‘CMD+C’ in the terminal window, you should copy/paste the instruction in the terminal.

CMD+C refers to ‘copy’ by simultatenously holding down the ‘Command’ and ‘C’ keys.


Hi Jerry,

Did you open the Roon.dmg file first to install in into the Applications folder. Dragging Roon.dmg to applications won’t work.

Let us know if you got it sorted.

Cheers, Greg

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