Problem Loading Database [Resolved]

Dear @support,

Attempting to launch roon build 262:
I just clicked on the roon icon in my dock on my mid 2011 Mac Mini Thunderbolt edition with 16GB, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256 MB.

This is the first time since becoming a life member that when starting up roon I was confronted with the message Problem loading database.

My music library is stored on a Promise Pegasus 18TB R6 Raid 5. I have never had any issues with this drive which is operating properly.


Dear Staff:
Apologies! Decided to be proactive. Restarted my Mac Mini running macOS 11.01 (not my favorite). Once booted up, launched roon (build is actually 269), and was met with a request to allow network connections. That had not happened the first time I launched roon, i.e., Was not queried about allowing network connections.
Once I opted for “allow”, I was required to log into roon (first time that occurred since logging in back when (2015).
To get to the point of this post, logged in successfully and roon booted up and loaded my database. So,
In the words of Emily Litella, “Never mind”.
Sorry for any inconvenience I may have started.
Please close this topic as resolved!!!