Problem making my iTunes library a Network Share

Hi. I have recently switched from Plex to Roon. With Plex I regularly lost connections to my Sonos system. That is not a problem with Roon, which I love so I am glad I made the switch. I bought a Nautilus and have made it my core. Now I am having a problem with network shares. I have made my backup iTunes library, which is on an external hard drive,into a Network Share. However, my main iTunes library - the one to which I regularly add new albums - needs to be a network share as well. I keep getting error messages when I try to make it one. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I assume it is something to do with permissions or other settings in Windows. The main library is located in the default location: C:\Users\Owner\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music. The library on the external drive is connected to the same computer and, as said, I was able to make that a network share without any difficulty. I would welcome suggestions. I suspect the answer is obvious.

Apologies for my typos but I think the meaning is clear. Hope so anyway.


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Thanks. I cleaned it up and tried to make the issue a bit clearer. I know others have had similar issues.

Hi John,

Take a read of this and it might help answer some questions.


Thanks. This solved my problem. I knew it would turn out to be something simple. I had the share permission set to read rather than read/write. I appreciate the help.


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Hi @John_Guttmann,

Thanks for letting us know the guide @Rugby linked helped resolve this issue!

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