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Hi there!

A new lifetime suscriber want to share his “loved” albums with this community, hope u enjoy it!

Im focused on electronic music, but U could find some rap, indie and rock albums as well.

This is the best album on 2021 so far. Subfocus and wilkinson compose this marveleous DnB-ambient album, which is one of the the best electronic album that Ive heard lately.

Here, u could check where they recorded the album
Making of PORTALS

A link to the album on TIDAL

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Hi @PROblem and welcome to the forum. I’m not sure how much you’ve looked around. There are a set of established “What are we listening to threads”. Ones general

But there are genre based ones as well. There’s nothing wrong with starting your own, it’ll just be harder to be heard at first.


Thanks for ur answer, but I would to make this mu personal album recomendation list, to get all in one place (post)

Anyways, thanks for the advice :call_me_hand:

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New week, old album.

This is one of my favourite lp’s ever. Prime opera of woodkid, director of many videoclips for other artist, launch his own album on 2013. All tracks sounds incredible, and got that triphop sound that I really like.

A Link to the album on TIDAL

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Sorry for delay (nobody’s watching).

This week, it’s for a soundtrack album for one of my favourite movies. Composed by The Crystal method, both (movie and soundtrack) are not enough recognised by the spectator.

A Link to the album on TIDAL

I am at least watching and have queued the Woodkid album for a listen :slight_smile:

Hope u enjoy it.

He’s got a new album, but it’s not as good

Listening now and very good thanks. Am aware of some of his work through the Nils Frahm association but not listened to this before.

Suffice to say that Woodkid album has really hit the spot for me, on my third listen today now, cheers :+1:

Glad to hear.
U are not the first that hear the LP and found like it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It’s a hidden gem

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