Problem node 2i timing multiroom

Just installed the node 2i, when using the multiroom function ( I am using Naim uniti, a powernode 2 and the node 2 i) is fine for a minute and then the music pace changes for a moment and then there is a time difference between the sources. When only selecting the naim and the powernode there is no problem,

There is a known issue with Sync and Bluesound kit, and node 2 I guess it might the same on the 2i. it’s in Bluesounds court to fix it I believe.

There is no problem with the powernode 2. After a minute the music garbles and changes pace on the naim and then the lack starts

As I said there is known issues with the node 2 so likely the node 2i. The powernode is not noted to have this issue. Its been on going for some time. What model is the Naim Kit?

I assume it’s one of the new Unitis with Roon built-in of is it an old one and your using Airplay from Roon to it. If the latter then you can’t have airplay and non airplay endpoints grouped or in sync as they use different protocols for timings.

It is the latest 2i which is still going through Roon certification.