Problem not related to ROON [Resolved]

First let me say how much I enjoy ROON mostly for SQ.

To let you know long before ‘MASTERS’ appeared in your TIDAL page under ‘what’s new’ I was getting a blue light on my Meridian Explorer 2 (brand new) and 24/44.1 bit rate when I played the MQA only playlists i had made on TIDAL.

That brings me to my 'not related to ROON issue: I ONLY get TIDAL MQA albums and my playlists in MQA to play sound through A+3.01.

I get no sound from non MQA albums on TIDAL.
I get no sound from Qobuz in FLAC 16/44.1 and I get no sound from my iTunes library.

The sound bar moves A+3 gives bit rates for all non MQA music my ME2 lights up 1-3 white lights but NO sound.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have changed NOTHING since upgrading to A+3.

In addition ROON plays MQA and non MQA TIDAL albums and playlists and my iTunes library / TIDAL desktop plays both MQA and non MQA and Qobuz desktop plays FLAC.

BUT A+3 only delivers MQA!!

Any thoughts why this is and how to fix it would be appreciated?

No one at CA/A+3 have responded to me with any meaningful ideas Damien said it was a firmware problem with ME2 yet why does everything else work.

I even have unplugged everything rebooted my late 2012 mac mini i7 16GB RAM and removed disinstalled all previous issues of A+.

Thanks bobbmd

It sounds like the Explorer is somehow in a bad state.

Have you tried unplugging the Explorer 2 and then re-connecting it?

Hi @bobbmd ---- Thank you for the feedback. I am just trying to get a sense of what could be going on here.

Has Meridian offered any insight into this behavior that may be note worthy?


Carl-Thanks yes I have several times( rebooted my mac mini) and reuploaded the v1717 firmware each time still only MQA! Eric had a good idea -I will call Meridian in the USA and see if they can help but I find it illogical that it’s a ME2 issue as like I said I get MQA and non MQA from ROON and from TIDAL and with appropriate light on ME2 and I get FLAC from Qobuz on the respective desktop apps
Thanks for replying

@Eric- Thanks i will contact their USA office tomorrow but see my reply to Carl.
I sent a reply to your email but again was told your server was too busy.
Will let you know what Meridian says.

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Hi bobbmd.
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@crieke: Thanks I don’t mind getting the emails I’ve just learned not to reply back because they just get sent back to me so I just go to the community page once I get the email notice.

Hi Bob,

Just to be clear one this … you will still get the email from the forum when someone replies to one of your posts with or without putting your email address in a post.

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@Carl@crieke@Eric: All is well in my audiophile world the problem I had with A+3 was A+3- I had checked the box at bottom of audio units preference page with it unchecked I have TIDAL MQA/non MQA/Qobuz HiFi lossless/iTunes library! Thanks for your help despite my problem not being ROON related